a vampire slave (the tragic story of a slave and a master)

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were moving I hate it were moving out of the house that iv lived in my hole life. and the worst part is that were moving to a slave state yes there are slaves and no it is not the 18th century its 2010 and the slaves are not African Americans there vampires and werewolf's. you may think there not real but they are and they serve humans in every way. but more about that later I need to tell you about me. my name is Scarlit but everyone calls me scar because of the scar iv had sense the insentient that goes from the across my eye it goes from my eye broke to my cheek bone dangly. I'm 17 and 6'4 I have long dirty blond hair with side bangs going to my right. I have baby soft skin no pimples natural tan and I am always wearing my black and red rings and my middle finger of my right hand. what ever I'm wearing it always has black on it. I'm an only child of my parents. my dad works at a construction site and my mom is a hair dresser. I live in a world wear the humans are served by vampires and werewolf's it's vary tragic I know but what can I do about it? my family lived in one of the free states but because the government took away most of our money we had to move to one of the slave states in the bad part of town. our new house is about the size of a horse pin and it looks like one to. (not literally.) the house was a fading peach color with the walls pealing all over to looks like a haunted shack. we pulled up the house and got out great just great I'm going to live in shit. I guess its time to un pack I put my stuff all away I didn't have much since we had to sell most of it to by this peace of shit. it was around midnight and I have school in the morning I might as well go to bed. my bead was just a mattress on the ground but that's ok I guess. I laid down and slowly drifted in to unconnences.


I woke up to my phones alarm going off. it was 6:00 I got up and took a shower washed my hair twice and put conditioner in it than stepped out wrapping the towel around me. today I was wearing a plan black long sleeve shirt with some torn gray jeans that I ripped when I was skate boarding. yes I'm a skater and I love it!! I grabbed my skate board and ran the little distance to the kitchen where my parents were un pack the food. "good morning honey do u wants an apple?" asked my mom she looks a lot like me but with red hair. "no but give me 2 tangerines plez." she threw the tangerines to me and kept on un packing. "by mom by dad." I kissed them both on the cheek and was off skating to school. when I got there I had just enough time to get my schedule and make it to class without being late if I ran. I wasn't really looking at the other kids just how to get to the office. when I got there, there was a pudgy lady sitting at the desk eating a apple. when I got to the desk she looked up with smile on her face. "can I help you?" "yes I'm the new student here scarlit, spelled with an I, Skeliton." she typed it in. "do you have a slave?" she asked me. "no" I answered with out any emotion what so ever .she handed me my schedule and I left. let's see my first class is history. well I better hurry. I found my locker and put my stuff in and went to class. I walked in right after the bell to signal class is starting. as soon as I walked in everyone was looking at me I walked over to the teacher and handed him my schedule. "welcome to history will you introduce your self to the class." "hi my name is scarlit Scarlit but call me scar." I said "so your like scar face?" some totally plastic chick called out. I flipped her off with out the teacher looking. the teacher told me to go sit in the back next to this really cut boy named Sam. I sat down and really looked at the students now and noticed that each one had a slave sitting next to them on the floor. there were werewolf's and vampires all over I felt so sorry for them hafting to listen to those pathetic mean people I mean really that must suck I would never want to do that and I would never wish it on my worst enemies no mater how much I hated them. when I say everyone had a slave I mean everyone but me. "so where's your slave?" whispered Sam. "I don't have one." he looked at me his eye brow raised. "why not?" he asked pushing for answers. "I don't believe its right to have one." I answered. he looked at me like I was crazy and I noticed all the slave had turned to look at me to. I just smiled but it didn't reach my eyes. "so why do you prefer to be called scar?" Sam asked still wanting to find out more about me. "I just pointed to my scar. he analyzed it like he was a scientist and it was gonna talk. it was a pretty big scar a couldn't be covered up easily but my hair covered up most of it. "where did u get it?" what's his problem stop asking so many questions. I didn't want to think about how I got it and now I was an the verge a teares. i couldn't answer him now one knows how I got it but me and the person who gave it to me. I raised my hand and asked if I could go to the bathroom. as soon as I got out of the class I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could. when I got there no one was in there so I went over to the mirror and slightly lifted my shirt to expose a scar with his name Chad Danger. and his name was right he was danger all over. but I will not think about that right now. don't think about it don't think about. I put down my shirt and left the bathroom. the rest of the day was pretty much the same but when ever someone asked about me scar I just told them its none of there biasness.

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