Blue Circle (one shot)

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The new boy in school is from England. So what?

For a month, he'd been acting all condescending and playing hard to get. He didn't spare a look at the girls who swooned over him. He didn't care to make friends. He skipped Gym and instead, he spent the extra time sitting on a bench in the school yard, drawing or blocking out the world with his earbuds.

He didn't join any of the sport teams. He didn't even eat lunch with the rest of us, because he brought his gourmet food with him. Something about his attitude was screaming 'stuck up jerk!'

Sure, he was tall dark and handsome. He had those deep-set dark eyes and a gorgeous mess of golden-brown hair that tended to fall over his forehead, especially when he curled forward over his sketchbook. His accent made every girl in school drool over his classic English charm, but it seemed like he thought he was Prince William or something. He obviously believed he was better than everyone else.

I don't like arrogant guys. They get on my nerves.

"Hey! Mister English Guy. You're living on earth with us, aren't you?"

That was the first thing I told him since he moved here. I was frustrated with his snobby silence all the time. I mean, who did he think he was? He was just a guy after all. And guys, never ignored me. Me, Chastain Morris, a.k.a. ' Queen of Campus.'

Not one guy in this school didn't dream of a touch of my soft blonde curls or a look of my emerald eyes. I didn't like to brag but I was sort of the town's beauty queen.

Mr. Uppity slowly raised a set of confused eyes to meet mine. Confused, yeah, but they made me even more confused. They were too pretty and expressive, but this wasn't going to get to me. I was on a mission to knock him down to size as I promised Dana and Lydia, who were watching me from across the schoolyard. I was doing this on behalf of womankind, actually. I considered this my duty.

"Excuse me?" He said. His vocal tone was deep and hoarse in a way that didn't match his lanky exterior, but it sounded really... nice.

" You know I'm talking to you, so don't play dumb." I narrowed my eyes, hands on my hips.

" Do I even know you? What are you talking about?" He asked, dropping his pencil and crossing his arms over his plait shirt, his thick brows knitting together.

I snorted, shaking my head. " You don't know who I am, Mr. Too Important? I'm Chastain Morris. Head of the cheerleading squad. I practically keep this school together."

He blinked once, staring with the same confusion. "Brim," he said.

"What?" I thought he was cussing or something.

"My name is Brim. Brimley Watson," he clarified with a blank expression.

"Yeah, I know that. " I waved it off. Of course, I knew his full, snobbish, overly British name. 'Brim' sounded much better, but I didn't tell him that.

"Aren't you going to tell me what you want, so I can get back to my work?" He asked after a moment of awkward silence. He tilted his head up to look at me, then he turned and pulled a bottle of water from his backpack. He knocked down half of the water, and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

The casual gesture irritated me. Was he doing this to mock me? Was he trying to tell me he had more important things to do than talking to me? How rude!

Not needing an invitation, I stomped closer and sat down next to him. I crossed one leg over the other and shook it nervously. My pointy heel almost grazed his jeans-clad leg.

His brows flew up in a 'what's-wrong-with-you?' Disdainful expression.

"Okay. Let me get this straight. I don't like what you're doing. Coming from a 'Kingdom' doesn't mean you can act like a king, alright? So you really should cut it out." I demanded, glaring to his face.

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