Chapter 15: The Kids are Safe

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Judy's P.O.V.

I sped down the alleyways of Sahara Square. I hit the brakes hard and stopped in front of an alleyway entrance and quickly unbuckled myself and swung the police cruiser door open. I rushed towards the van and knocked, "Finnick! It's me, Judy!" I yelled, my ears drooped down but perked when I heard the door open. "Judy!" Juniper cried out as she leapt into my arms, I embraced her with a warm hug. "Oh Juniper! I was so worried about you and the others!" I cried on my little sister's shoulder. She squeezed me back. "I missed you." She whispered into my shoulder, choking on tears. I led the children into the cruiser. "Where's Nick?" I asked Finnick a bit confused. Finnick seemed to be having trouble on what to say, my ears fell down, I feared the worse. "He umm, left, he wanted ta lead dem animals away from of us." I replied nervously. My eyebrows furrowed. "What? But you said he was here!" I stomped my foot on the cement. "Sorry Jude, if I toldja da truth, you probably wouldn't make da kids top priority." He explained. I was furious that he lied to me. Before I could even think about what to say, Finnick spoke with a sense of father would towards his own pup. "I'm darn proud of that Nicky, defending dem kids, puttin dem first instead of himself, he's really changed. I couldn't be mo proud of him." Finnick said with a small smile as he looked away, thinking of perhaps memories of Nick. My eyebrows loosened and I was worried for Nick. "*sigh* I forgive you Finnick, which way did Nick go?" I asked my ears rising upwards, eager to get the information. "He headed towards Downtown Zootopia." He said, snapping out of his daze. I nodded and rushed towards the cruiser. Finnick began to clamber back up in his van, I stopped and turned around, "thank you Finnick!" I yelled to the Fennec fox. He didn't turn around, instead he just waved at me. I buckled up in the seat and started the engine. "Miss Judy, what's gonna happen to Nick?" Bongo asked worried. "I don't know, I really don't know." I said instinctively. I hit the gas and sped of towards Downtown Zootopia, hoping I'd make it in time to save my Sly Fox, My Slick Nick..... My love.

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