Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

“Going somewhere, Miss Rhinehart?”

Dean McRoy held out a hand, helping me stand. I dusted off my jeans.

“Dean McRoy, um, hello. I was just-“

“Fleeing from Miss Smith. I have to say, Miss Rhinehart, this isn't a good way to start your year."

I swore in Portuguese in my head. What am I going to do now? It's not like I can come out and be like, "Oh yeah, by the way, I'm a CIA undercover operative and that Smith girl is part or a secret spy agency called the ACE so she attacked me first and I had to attack back." They'd be calling in the psych ward for sure. So, I did the best thing I can do. Lie. Lie. Lie. 

"I can explain-"

Dean McRoy held up his hand, silencing me. He stepped closer, hands on his hips. He couldn't have been much older (or taller, for that matter) than Garret. His brown hair was pushed back by gel and he wore an immaculate navy suit with a bright red tie. His shoes squeaked when they rubbed up against eachother. I clenched my hands into fists, remembering how to fabricate a believable lie. This should be a piece of cake. It's not like I'm hooked up to a polygraph machine or being watched by a licensed interrogator.

"I'm sure you can. Shall we continue this in my office?"

I nodded, wordlessly. He turned on his heel and started walking away, motioning for me to follow him. In the distance, the sun was setting and the sky was painted a warm palette of orange, yellow, pink, purple, and red. Even with the dean by my side, I watched everything cautiously. I caught a glimpse of the Smith girl's blood on my jeans. Oh, come on! These are my new jeans too! Oh well.

We reached the Administrator's building shortly after that. Dean McRoy greeted his secretary, a polite lady named Sarah, and opened the door to his office. Two plastic black chairs faced an enormous desk, covered with papers and a laptop sitting dead center. File cabinets and bookshelves lined the walls. Framed photos of people who I assumed were his family sat on the shelves with the leather bound volumes of encyclopedias and other academic books. His degrees hung on the wall in sophisticated frames. I caught the names of Boston University (obviously), Brown University in Rhode Island, and Princeton University in New Jersey. All Ivy Leagues. Damn. He must have some money to have attended all those schools. Either that or he has enormous debt. Something about him tells me it's not the debt option... I took a seat in one of the plastic chairs while he sat in his high backed chair behind his desk.

"Now, would you care to explain what happened to tonight?"

I sighed, nodding, and thinking up a quick lie. 

"So, I had just finished unpacking my bags. I left to go find the food court or whatever you guys call it here. Smith-"

"Her first name is Amanda."

Dully noted.

"Okay, Amanda found me. She acted like a concerned upperclassman. We talked for a short period of time when she started to go all crazy and threatening. The next thing I knew, she was trying to hit me. I didn't know what else to do so I hit her back."

"With your knee?"

I glanced down at the blood on my jeans. Indeed, on my knee.

"Correct, with my knee. I've been taking jiu-jitsu classes since I was seven. My dad said I could use it in situations like this one when-"

"Miss Rhinehart, I hope you understand that this grounds for immediate suspension. Attacking another student, even in self-defense, is strictly prohibited."

I clasped my hands in my lap, nodding. He watched me, his eyes calculating and thoughtful. Like he was making a decision. Of my fate. 

"So, here's what I'm going to do. Since you are only a freshman and unfamiliar with our rules here at Boston U, I'm going to let you off with a warning. We have had incidents with Miss Smith in the past. We can't expel her because her parents are two of the university's main executives. But, if I hear of anything among these lines ever happening again, there will be consequences. Understood?"

I nodded, shooting up from my seat. Why is he letting me off the hook this easily? Who cares!

"Thank you, sir. I appreciate it."

He nodded at me.

"You're welcome. Now, I hope you have a good evening and welcome to our ranks."

With that, I smiled and left his office. So, already, I have a bad mark on my reputation. Not good. On the bright side, I can still keep up my cover. I'll have to keep an eye on Amanda Smith. Even in Boston, I can't escape being watched by the enemy. Where am I ever safe? 

(Hey guys! So, who do you think Amanda Smith is? ACE? Someone else? Just a crazy person who decided to attack Ember for no apparent reason? Vote and comment or PM me. I won't post a lot tomorrow because I have so much homework to do-curse you, honors classes!-but I'll post a lot tonight. Sorry if this sucks! I tried my best! Nothing interesting is really going on right now, except this incident with Amanda. I promise it'll get better as soon as she gets used to Boston U and I get all the introductions out of the way. Bye bye for now!) 

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