Milk and Oranges

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Milk and Oranges, a collection of short fiction and essays examining life, love, and the tragedy and comedy of the human condition, has been published as an e-book and as a paperback by award-winning writer Charlene Wexler.

Whether she is tackling fiction or essays, Charlene Wexler writes from the heart. With a keen eye for detail and a way of looking at the world a bit sideways, Wexler’s writings in Milk and Oranges will entertain while they make you think.

In Milk and Oranges, Wexler’s fiction and essays are grouped in five categories.

How’s Your Love Life? features two fiction pieces that will cause female readers to nod their heads in agreement, and a warm essay on Wexler’s feelings for her husband, Sam.

The Cruel Club features both essays and fiction on the tragedy of the death of a child. Wexler has been a member of the Cruel Club since 1981.

In Family and Friends, you’ll meet some of the fun characters in Wexler’s life and in her fiction, and inevitably you’ll think about similar loved ones in your own world. The story “Milk and Oranges,”from which the title of this book is derived, appears in this section.

What would life be without our animal pals? Wexler shares some stories about four-footed friends and loved ones in Animal Magnetism.

The Passing Parade features Wexler’s fiction and prose observations on the changes in our fast-paced world.

After reading Milk and Oranges, you’ll see why Wexler’s first novel, Murder on Skid Row, was honored with an Apex Award for excellence. Her style makes you feel as if you are reading about or talking to dear friends.

Milk and Oranges is a collection of stories that will pluck at your heartstrings and tickle your funnybone.

Milk and Oranges, published by Dailey Swan through Smashwords, is an e-book. It can be downloaded to an electronic device such as a Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, or Kobo; as a PDF; and in various other formats. See

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