Chapter 26

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“So basically,” Brian began, trying to arrange everything and give everyone some sort of purpose in the camp. “We’ll set up the tents, eat, drink and sleep for a fresh start tomorrow.”

Midge rolled her eyes in the plain view of her father. “What are we actually doing this weekend?” she asked cynically. “Drinking?”

“Well, we’ll be doing things throughout the day” he laughed, reaching into the trunk of my dad’s car to get all of the tents out. “Charlotte, grab this. Now.”

I reluctantly walked forward, my feet stepping through the mud, reaching out my arms to grab what he had to give me.

He smirked playfully towards me as he handed me the bags that I assumed to contain the tents, and motioned for me to follow him to where we were going to be setting them up for the two nights that we would be there.

Midge went off with Michelle, Wednesday, Zacky, my dad and Gena, and the guys decided to unload everything else from their cars. They had brought a few guitars, a few bottles of something else and a few more pillows and blankets.

“CAMPING!” Jimmy shrieked as he ran past me in a far from orderly fashion as he raced over to our little spot.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you had already been drinking” Johnny laughed as he rolled his eyes back, only to receive a scowl off Jimmy.

Brian signified for me to drop the tent bags where I was standing, and ordered me to run along and find the rest of the group, for I would only get in the way of setup.

Well, of course I had actually no clue where I was supposed to be going - I had never even been anywhere remotely similar to that place before. I had no idea where they could have gone off to.

I walked straight ahead, through the dense fallen leaves and twigs that would occasionally stab me in the foot. I had to manoeuvre myself around everything that lay on the ground to stop myself from falling over.

Eventually, however, I did manage to hear the whispering of my dad and Wednesday standing further down next to one of the thin creeks that rushed around the place.

I began to make my way down towards them, creating the rather loud sound of snapping branches underneath my feet – more than enough decibels to let them know that someone was coming.

I suppose my quiet swearing also gave away the fact that it was me.

“No, Wed, I know that. I do want that but the thing is-”

He finished midsentence to look up and see that it was me who was approaching them.

“-Charlotte.” He finished, a little ambiguously.

“Brian sent me away to find you guys and keep out of his hair. Am I disturbing something?” I asked a little childishly, raising an eyebrow at them.

I had suspected that they were rather close, but it was actually becoming a little unnerving.

“No? What? No. Why would you be disturbing anything between us? There’s nothing to disturb. No. You aren’t. Not disturbing anything at all.” he rambled on.

“Matt… calm down” Wednesday laughed nervously. “Come on, we really should be getting back now anyway.”

She dragged him up by the arm, but because he knew that I was watching, he seemed to shy away from her a little. I knew what he thought it looked like to me, but I highly doubted that he would ever have an affair.

If anyone, I thought it would have been my mother.

They climbed up the small hill together and Wednesday continued on ahead of us a little bit before I had even had the chance to turn around.

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