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Luka's POV:

"Luka dear, I think we found the one!" My mother chippers across the table, sending papers flying off the side. Rolling my head on my shoulders, a low groan escaped my mouth in agony. Here we go again, I hated every since one of them and that would never change.

"Who is it this time?" I puffed my cheeks, rest a hand on my forehead. Mother shifted more papers before speaking up.

"A nice young girl who is 16, currently enrolled at Yoshi Academy. She meets all your requirements as well as mine. She available every moment after school, and knows how to cook, sew, first aid, and ohhh. You'll like this she wants to be an art major, I know how much you like people who can draw and such." Mother rambled on and on. She licked her lips, drawing a finger to rest upon them. "I think she is perfect."

"What's this 'perfect' girl's name?" Speaking sarcastically, making air quotes around the word perfect. Which of course I earned a firey glare.

"Hatsune Miku."

"What kind of shit name is that?" I covered my giggles. I could hear my mom shift in her chair, before throwing a pen at me.

"Megurine Luka! That's not acceptable behavior for a lady. It's new but doesn't mean it can't be pretty." She growled, flicking the darker pink hair behind her shoulder. Muttering a whatever to her, I was frankly done talking about this subject. Everytime we go through hiring me a new personal maid, we fight. I hated every since one of them. The first guy tried to get my mother to cheat with him. The second was a girl who was afraid of germs and basically her own reflection. While every other one after was completely terrible.  "Luka will you please give this one a chance?"


"I'm hiring you a personal servant to have someone to take care of you and such while me and your father work. You can tell her to do anything and she would, she even said so." My mother begged me to cooperate. A deep sigh released from me.

"Fine. I'll try."

"Oh goodie! She starts tomorrow!"


The laptop rested on my stomach, my head was propped against a few pillows, giving me support to see my screen. Nothing was really happening on my dash, great. I'll be bored till someone makes a call out post, or posts fan art of some stupid cartoon or whatever they are called. My door slowly opened as a tiny figure crept in, the door was closed once again. Sliding the device off my stomach and onto the bed, laying up I could see better.

Her hair was pulled up into pigtails, leaving her bangs to frame her face. They were long, coming down elegantly at her side to stop near her knees. Everything about her was that turquoise color. Her hair, her eyes, even the little maid outfit they have her had the color mixed with it. Her lips parted slightly, her eye lashes batting against her flesh as she blinked at me. "Megurine-san, I'm Hatsune Miku. Your new personal servant." Her voice was pitches higher than mine, though it was soft.

"What do you want?" I ask, rudely. I wanted her to get it right away, i don't like her at all.

"Here to serve you in anyway," she bows before me, her hair falling over her small boney shoulders to crash to the floor. I scooted off the bed, my feet padding across the room to face her. Hatsune-san slowly raised, her face inches from mine. A fresh blush painted her face, being so close to me that her blood must be burning.

"You'll follow my every command?"

"Yes ma'am." She spoke without hesitation. Good girl.

"Good Hatsune-san. I just want you to know I hate you and always will. If you want to keep your position then follow every word I say, got it?" The smaller girl nodded, her eyes watered. Have I stuck a weak point? Someone doesn't like to be dislike, what a baby. "Now that I made myself clear, I'm going to push you till you break."

"Break?" She squeaks.

"That's all for me to know." Break till you leave me the hell alone for good. "Now Hatsune-san, your first task is to change my clothes."

"You mean undress y-you?" She gulps, eyeing me up and down. My own hand takes ahold of hers, making her small fingers wrap around the hem of my shirt. I leaned in close, whispering in her ear.

"Take it off, now."

The smaller girl's face turned red as she lifted the shirt. The shirt disappeared from my body, leaving me topless. Her fingers fumbled with my pants, tugging the zipper lightly before the clothing gathered down at my feet. Hatsune-san stood up, looking up at me. Not daring to look down at my exposed body. My fingers traced her jaw line, grabbing her chin lightly, making her look down. "You serve this now. Your nothing more than my pet."

"Yes ma'am." Her voice was barely a whisper. Her hands had clutched the skirt of her maid dress, as her eyes glared into my body. I stepped closer to her, my front pressed against hers, my black lacy bra, wrinkles against the pressure. I could feel her grow warm.

"Hat-su-ne Mi-ku," I spoke her name in broken syllables. She tensed. "You should hurry up and break for me."


Here is yet another Negitoro story from yours truly.

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