"Playing with my barbies." She said.

"Oh cool!" I replied.

"Really?" She asked, shocked.

"Yes that's seems pretty cool to me. When I was your age I loved barbies!" I giggled a bit.

" It's just that... The girls at my school tell me that I'm too old to still play with barbies. They're already starting to read Seventeen magazines and stuff." She sighed.

Oh no. I did not sign up for this. I'm not so good at pep talking young girls.

"Don't think about what they say. They're growing up too fast and you, are being yourself and staying young as long as you can." I mentally patted myself on the back for saying that.

"I guess you're right." Michelle smiled at me widely.


It was 9:08PM and we were watching Disney Channel (and all their awful new shows that are not as good as the old ones). Michelle was asleep on the couch next to me and I decided to wait a minute to put her to bed.

I saw a shadow coming down the stairs and sure enough Dillon came into view.

But there was one thing; he was shirtless.

And oh my, his personality sucked balls, but his six pack was amazing.

He was wearing black basketball shorts and socks. He turned to me and smirked.

I didn't notice I was staring until Dillon coughed.

"Looking for something you like?" He asked. His smirk got bigger.

Good thing the lights were dimmed so he couldn't see my redding cheeks.

"U-um no." I rolled my eyes.

"Pfft okay." He walked into the kitchen but then stopped slowly and turned around , "So, since you saw me shirtless, does that mean I get to see you shirtless?" He had a wicked smile plastered on his full lips.

Stop focusing on his lips Caitlin! I scolded myself.

I flicked him off, justifying my answer was no and he chucked as he walked into the kitchen.

Since Michelle was very petite for her age she was easy to carry up the stairs.

Her room was across from Dillon's and I found that out with the help of the world famous, annoying Dillon.

"Just throw her on the bed. She can sleep through a tsunami."

I jumped a bit when I heard Dillon's deep voice behind me.

"No,"I hissed. "I'm still going to be gentle with her, even if she is sleeping." I laid her on the bed and covered her in her soft pink duvet and walked out the room, closing the door.

Dillon was still staring at me and it started to make me uncomfortable.

"See something you like?" I smirked, repeating his words from earlier.

"Yes I do actually." He replied. That's one thing about Dillon. He'll just be straight up.

"Dillon, I can see right through you, you know? You're one of those cocky fuck boys who finds an attractive girl and sleeps with her for one night. And then just dumps her to the curb after you get what you want." I glared at him.

Dillon looked shocked at first, and then he slowly started clapping.

"Nice, nice, Caitlin. You know, I can see straight through you too. You're one of those girls who act like they're so innocent and know everything. But inside, you're just a small little girl who would give herself away to a guy if he just told you he'd love you for the rest of his life!"

"Dillon Taylor, are you calling me a slut?" I barked.

Then Dillon slowly walked up to me and I found myself getting a little intimidated because Dillon stood over me.

His eyes were dark and his features turned dark too.

"Well Cait Hill, maybe I am, maybe I'm not. But all I know is that you should not try to drop down to my level. You're scared of me, I know you are." He looked me right in my eyes. His voice got even lower than his usual and it felt like he was looking deep in my soul.

"I'm not fucking scared of you- you fucking dic-"

Dillon leaned even closer to where I could smell his breath, which smelled like mint gum and popcorn, and our faces were mere inches apart.

I hope he didn't hear me gulp.

"I think you should start thinking before you speak." He said. And then he turned on his heel into his room, slamming his down with a loud thud.

And leaving me fuming, and red from anger.

Curse you Dillon Taylor.

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