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This chapter is longer than others... I hope you like it. I really like this chapter but I change my mind a lot and I might hate it after a couple weeks. But I did try on this one! Okay love you <3
"Okay and... how much did you say the pay was?" I asked, kind of annoyed, kind of interested.

My mom rolled her eyes. "For the 10th time its 10 dollars an hour." She said curling her hair. She was getting ready to go out with friends this windy Friday.

"Hmm." I thought for a moment.

I really didn't know what to do. The Taylor's asked me to baby-sit Michelle (the sweet 12 year old) tonight and the pay was pretty good. But do I really want to accidentally bump into Dillon and deal with his annoying big mouth too?

"Will Dillon be there?" I asked.

My mom gasped. "Cait! Even if he was there, you're not there to kiss all over him!" I heard a playful tint in her voice and I groaned.

"No mom, gross no. I'm asking because I don't want him to be there. He's so annoying." I said.

"But he is cute though." My mom added.

I rolled my eyes.

I think sometimes my mom forgets
she's almost 40 years old.

"So are you going to do the job or not? Didn't you say you needed a little extra money? And we'll be leaving in... 30 minutes." My mom asked.

I guess I didn't mention how close my mom and the Taylor parents have become. They're already going to drink the night away at bars. I just hope their friendship isn't trying to make a friendship between me and Dillon. God no.

"Ok fine, I'll do it." I sighed and went upstairs to find something to wear.

I went with a pale pink sweatshirt and jeans and laced up my white converse. I put my dark brown hair in a pony tail and added a little bit of lip gloss.

I don't want to go by their house looking like a slob in sweat pants and a messy t-shirt.

I skidded down the stairs, almost breaking my neck, and told my mom I was headed out.


"Cait! I'm so glad you could make it! Our regular baby sitter couldn't tonight." Ms. Danielle smiled warmly at me and she opened the door.

I walked in and saw Michelle sitting on the couch with her barbies.

"Now since Michelle is 12, she doesn't need the constant attention a 9 year old would need. She's a really calm child that just watches TV." Danielle told me.

She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was straightened and swept to the side and she was wearing a dark purple dress and had on black pumps.

I saw Mr. Greg walk down the stairs and he smiled at me too.

"Hello Cait. Thank you." He said.

I nodded in reply and smiled back.

"Ok so, we're going to go ahead and leave. Help yourself to anything in the fridge-"

"Except the wine of course!" Mr. Greg laughed as he cut off Ms. Danielle.

"I won't make any promises." I joked and they laughed, said their goodbye to Michelle and left.

I turned to Michelle and smiled. She shyly smiled back.

"So, whatcha doin?" I sat on the couch next to her.

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