4 • he's avoiding me.

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Chapter Four

Good thing it's Sunday today. This only means that I still have some spare time for myself, and to think about what had happened... erm, last night.

It's nine in the morning and I'm still stuck lying in bed. The truth or dare game ended at three in the morning, and the boys left an hour after that.

Bad news is, up until now, I'm sleepless.

"Ugh. You're so stupid, Winter."

I groaned through my pillow as I recall what happened. What face will I still show him after that? I'm doomed.

Just then, I hear a faint knock on my door.

"Winter! Breakfast is ready." Ellie said.

I told her since she had me awake until late night, she should do me a favor in return. It was actually my turn to cook breakfast today.

"Yeah, I'll be coming down in a few minutes."

"Just hurry up, okay? The food's going to be cold."

After brushing my teeth and all, I went down to the dining room to eat. Ellie was waiting for me while she fiddled through her phone.

"Finally, after forever, you've decided to come down."

"I didn't tell you to wait for me."

"That's just how I love you, Winter Jeon. Be thankful."

We just both laughed at our comments and started eating. But after a while, I noticed that Ellie slowed down in eating, and she kept looking back and forth from me to her food.

"Ellie-ah, do you have something to say?"

She bit her lip amd scratched her neck — a sign that she really wanted to say something but she's hesitating.

"You can say it. Whatever it is," I insisted.

She gulped. "How was the kiss last night? Oh my gosh, Winter! You should've seen the look on his face! I so love you guys." She became, like, being hyper there and started asking random questions that I haven't still answered.

"Can you please calm down first? How can I answer the questions when you don't stop asking them? I'm not good in memorization."

"Okay, okay. But how was the kiss?"

"J-just f-fine, I guess?" I said as I bowed my head down in embarassment.

I couldn't say that I didn't want it, but I couldn't say that I like it either.

"Fine?! Oh come on, Win. You just kissed a handsome man — oh, scratch that. He kissed you. And you're telling me that 'it's just fine'? I know you, Winter."

"Alright, dammit. He's a good kisser — well why are we still talking about this? Let's drop this topic, okay? It gets me uncomfortable. Jeez."

"Ooh, says the woman who liked the kiss of T—"

"Stop! Ugh, I'm done eating. I'll go upstairs and clean. You, finish your food and shut up."

➹ ➹ ➹

I groaned as I stepped before the gates of LSMU. I feel nervous, that I think that I don't want to go to school today.

"You have to go to school today, young lady. I'm sure he's fine with it, no need to be embarrassed. And besides, he just kissed one damn pretty woman. He should be proud."

I sighed and realized that I have nothing to worry about. It was just a dare, right? Maybe I'm just being paranoid. And besides, no one would find out about it. We promised that what we did last night, stays inside the house.

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