Chapter 14: At All Cost

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Nick's P.O.V.

I sped down the street, going as fast as I could. I glanced at the kids in the side car, making sure they were safe. They looked startled from the rough landing from van flooring to concrete road. Their fur was smoothed out from the breeze. "Hang on!" I yelled. I took a sharp turn, the kids screamed a little. 'Judy, where are you? I could use your help right now. Wait! That's it, the phone!' I thought. "Juniper! You still on the phone with Judy?" I asked, still focusing on the road. Juniper looked at the phone and tapped the screen. "Yeah!" She answered back. "Tell her to send back up now!" I ordered. Before Juniper could respond, a voice was heard from the phone. "Already on it, Nick! Hold on, I'm coming!" I heard Judy say. "Hurry Judes, they're gaining on us!" I hollered.

Judy's P.O.V.

I rushed to the ZPD police unit vehicles and hopped in and started the engine and sped off to Sahara Square.

Nick's P.O.V.

"You're a dead fox when I get you, Wilde!" Anton roared behind me. 'That means he's after me! Hmm.... I know where I need to go! Finnick!' I quickly thought. I took a sharp turn right and head down the alleyways of Sahara Square. I was about at least three miles ahead of Anton. I stopped at an entrance to an Alleyway. I quickly jumped off the motorcycle and ushered the kids to follow me. I knocked quickly on Finnick's van door. "Who is it?!" Finnick boomed as he opened the door, holding his trusty baseball bat in his paw. His angered look softened as he saw five kids and me. "Wha?" He began to say but I cut him off. "Listen, no time to explain, hide these kids in your van now, Juniper will tell you Judy's phone number, call her and tell her that the kids are with you." I quickly demanded. "Why don't ya do it yo?" He asked. I began to walk back to the motorcycle, "I need to lead them away from you guys." I revved the accelerator and sped off.

Finnick's P.O.V.

The kids explained everthin. I felt a deep sense of proud for Nicky. I practically raised him and now here he was, risking his life for five kids. That's quit moving yo. I asked the bunny gal named Juniper, Judy's phone number, she plugged it into my phone and dialed her number and handed the phone to me. I nodded a thank you. It rang a few times and then was answered. "Hello? Finnick?" I heard Judy respond. "Yo Judy, I got da kids safe in my van, you know where I'm at. Ya should come get em." I informed. "Oh thank goodness, thank you Finnick, is Nick there?" She asked. I hesitated. If I said no, she might do something rash. "Uh yeah." I mumbled. I hung up and waited with the kids. For a bunch of kids they sat there patiently and silently.

Author's Note: OMG, I feel as if I've come a long way, and all the supporters, I appreciate you guys to death!! Thank you, it's not ever yet, I'm just easily emotional is all. Also this photo I found made me happy because I based one of the kids off of the Jungle Book Character and I found art of him in Zootopia.

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