YUNHYEONG ~ Anniversary

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As I stepped out my walk-in closet, my eyes caught a very good-looking guy. Yunhyeong is now wearing white long sleeves folded to his elbow and a formal shoes. His hair is brushed upwards. But the most attractive part of him is his plum lips.

"You have the most handsome husband. Right?" he said and smirked. I shook my head, realizing I'm fantasizing my husband. I feel like I'm still a highschooler.

"Wait..." Yunhyeong walked towards me and put his hands on his waist.

"You're wearing that, aren't you _______?" he motioned my dress and I looked at it. I'm trying to guess what's wrong with it. It's just a backless dress. It's length is just above my knee. Nothing's wrong right?

"But it looks good to me. Last time I wore a very sexy dress... I think we were still in highschool when I attended the prom," I smiled at him. I wish he'll let me wear this tonight.

"I-It's okay for you to wear that if we're alone. I don't want you to gain stares from those creepy guys. I swear, I would kill them alive." I pouted. Yunhyeong is so strict and overprotective when it comes to me. I'm still wondering if he's my real father.

A sad look drew on my face. Yunhyeong sighed and get something from his cabinet.

"Aish, wear this." he made me wore his jacket. I could still smell his fragrant perfume on it.

"Don't take that off okay? I want to be the only guy to see your amazing body." he quickly kissed me on the lips and grinned. I slightly pushed him and sat in front of my mirror.

"Your lips tastes like lip balm Yunhyeong. I'm jealous." we both laughed in unison. I get my make-up kit to make myself look like a human. Yunhyeong might give his glance to other girls if I don't look beautuful tonight. Err, insecurities attacked me again.

"Don't bother wear make-up _______," I almost put the mascara when he suddenly grabbed my hand, preventing me to put it.

"Now what Yun?" I rolled my eyes on him.

"You're ruining perfection. Girls without make-up looks more beautiful than those who put various color on their faces. I fell in love with you because you're different." we stared at each other before I turned away my gaze on him.

I stood up and intertwined my fingers on his.

"Just take me to the place you want me to see. You're lucky because I love you huh." I slid my finger to the bridge of his nose and pinched it. He just chuckled, seeing his face burning because of what I did. He blushed more than me. And I find it cute.

We went downstairs to bid goodbye to C/N.

"Take care! I wish there's a baby boy inside mommy's tummy when you go home, daddy." Yunhyeong and I was surprised when C/N said that.

"In the right time honey. We gotta go now. Love you." we kissed C/N and headed to Yunhyeong's car.

"By the way, where are we really going? You didn't tell me since the last day." Yunhyeong is reallyr secretive when it comes to surprising me. He doesn't give a single hint. I think, that's how he shows his sweetness.

"It's a secret baby." his very deep voice made my spine shivered. He then kissed me on the cheeks and continued driving. Luckily he's good at driving without looking at the road for seconds.


"Hey beautiful... wake up. We're here." I suddenly woke up when I saw Yunhyeong smiling in front of my face.

I sat properly with my eye half open. I was surprised when I woke up inside a fancy hotel room.

"Why are we here?" I asked and scratched my eyes.

"And and how did I get in here?" he helped me stoop up and fixed my dress.

"I didn't ruin your peaceful sleep so I carried you going up here. The bridal style." he winked and pulled me.

We went out the room and he brought me upstairs. I didn't bother asking because it's obvious that we're going at the rooftop.

"Close your eyes _______." my eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but I just did what he said.

He led me going to somewhere I don't know.

"I'm gonna open my eyes now Yunhyeong. What kind of joke is this."

"Then open it."

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a very romantic place. Different color of candles caught my attention and the ground is full of petal of white roses. I haven't seen a very cool place like this.

"Wow. This place is amazing. How'd you make the rooftop of this hotel look like a very breath-taking place?" we both chuckled.

I roamed around, looking at the city lights from above.

"Remember that day..." he started saying, that made me look again at him.

"When you confessed me that you love me? We were still bestfriends that time." he laughed. I just listened to him, while half teary-eyed.

"You were always saying that you're not beautiful as the other girls on the magazines. I kept on telling you that you are beautiful inside and out, just the way you are." I smiled with a chuckle, because of his cheesyness.

"You really want to make me cry huh? Stop saying those flashbacks." I hugged him, pressing my cheeks against his chest because he is quite taller than me.

"Just tell me you love me Yunhyeong. I don't need a surprise like this. Knowing that you love me more than anything is enough." I said. He caressed my hair and dug his face to my neck.

"I love you _______. I love every pieces of you. You make me go crazy." his voice was cracking, but I know it's because of happiness.

"I love you more than you love me." I said.

Under the moon, the stars and the night sky... we made love, like we're inseparable.


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