Chapter 4- Mr. Pig

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"I've seen your work and I love it, so work for me", he repeated and I blinked like a lost puppy.

But didn't you reject me, why hire me now?

"Because a portfolio based on your ideas is different from your labour put into those ideas", he corrected and my eyes widened a few millimetres in the state of utter shock that I just said that out loud.

"I didn't just say that out loud, did I?"

A handsome smirk crosses his lips.

"You did and I need an answer", he said most arrogantly.

The once merely playful Ian was gone and here comes the pig.

"'ve got a point but who says I want that job anymore?" I quirked an eyebrow at him and by the looks of it, he seemed distracted somehow.

"I don't make a habit of repeating myself nor asking others, Miss Perez", he hisses growing impatient.

"I don't think one should associate one's ego with business; that's rather unprofessional, isn't it?"

I playfully come back with. Ian huffed and swiftly spun me out of his arms and then back in but this time; my back was facing his front. His arm locked upon my chest and I instantly regretted wearing a deep 'v' neckline jacket. His skin was in contact with mine due to my deep neckline and had me on fire.

"Wise words, Miss Perez. But let's not stray from the point. My company is the largest in the architectural field and my interior department is always up to my standards", his hot minty breath caressed my ear.

It also reminded me of our very close proximity.

"Then your standards must be very low by the looks of Elliot Incorporate's lobby...all of them in fact", I hotly retorted.

Ian lets go of me, bringing me back into his arms, where we both are face to face. I wickedly smiled and he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Insulting the world's top architectural company isn't a wise choice on your professional part, Miss Perez", he raised an eyebrow and gives me a smug look.

"And I thought one could sink no lower, using blackmail to get ones wants...or shall I say need, but I don't want to flatter myself too much", I grinned with this comeback and chuckled.

To my surprise, he studies me in silence.

"You shouldn't be flattered, Avelyn, I've seen better and for starters, you're not even the word 'flat' in flattering, so don't bother".

A pinch of that painful sensation squeezes its way through my heart and I ignored it.

"Who said I mixed business with pleasure?" I looked up at him questioningly.

He smirks, "And who said I was thinking along such terms, Miss Perez, one can only speak in figurative language when one desires".

"In a business world, I think it's always best to speak for yourself and voice your's only professional, don't you think?" I tilted my head and eyed him.

The muscle along his jaw ticked and he was inhaling deeper. Every come back we make, our faces come closer and our eyes lingered on each other's faces.

"I take my professionalism to heart", he retorts in a demanding tone.

A soft chuckle came from me, "So what was with the questions about my age and where I live at the interview?"

A crease formed between his eyebrows and he sighs, "That's for my background information on you...though I already have gotten one done, I just tested your honesty".

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