Chapter 3- Work For Me

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-Perez Apartment


The nerve I had to smack my alarm this early morning was strong and internally battling with my logic. I let out a loud growl and got out of bed walking straight to the bathroom with bed hair and all. Fifteen minutes later, I am in a pair of skinny black jeans, a grey chiffon shirt and my black flip-flops.

Come on, Ave! Let's kick the world's butt!

The usual work attire for me as the cafè is not a place for pencil pressed skirts and white shirts. Maybe I'll have a pattern of my own due to the cake batter and flour on my clothes, hence, no need for extra shopping. The style is completely organic if I can put it so.

With that sarcastic note, I was about to make myself the breakfast...the idea of dirtying my kitchen again made me groan and I quickly thought of having a number at the cafè.

Maybe Ralph can whip me up something and I'll just take it out from my paycheck. In times like this, that's what I rely on Ralph for and like a true friend he even pays for my breakfast when I have no money.

Grabbing my handbag and the paperwork I had emailed last night, I locked my apartment and went down to get my car. Meanwhile, my head was kicking up a storm and though it soured my mood, I forced myself to stay positive.

-Hard Rock Cafè

"Ralph!" I exclaimed bursting through the back door entrance and from the looks of it, I just startled my poor friend.

He gave me a glare before exhaling and getting back to frying, I sniffed, apple fritters. "Hmm, well good morning to you too, sunshine", I retorted with sarcasm and a big, bright, bold smile.

Ralph surprises me with a chuckle, "Sarcasm means you're angry...why the sour face today, Ave?" I sat on the stool and bent my head so I can see through the window- "Mr. Quil's not in this morning, he's not coming in today".

I shot Ralph a quizzical look, "Okay...which means, I get twenty minutes of breakfast time here and you're going to make me my breakfast".

He rolls his eyes playfully, "Yeah right! I'm waiting tables and cooking. You've got to skip-"

"Ralph, I am lacking sleep, I am moody and my nerves are ticking like a time bomb so don't you dare miff me!" His eyes widened and then he shoots me a playful grin.

"Relax, mama bear. I was just kidding; what number are you having?" Taking out a pan from the hangers and put it on the stove.

I gave him a look as if he wasn't serious; he knows my favourite here so I'll have that for breakfast. "Coconut custard filled crepes with strawberries and kiwi coming right up", he flips the waffle he had going on the stove and plated the fritters.

I hungrily eyed the pan which held my crepe in the making. Ralph had the coconut milk up to a boil and whilst cracking and separating some eggs to make a custard.

"Did you finish the job?" He asked whilst flipping the crepe and then stirring the milk.

I propped my chin on my hand which was resting on top of the table. "I did...last night I went in and finished at four this morning".

"You're talented, Ave, you'll get there one day", Ralph looked over at me with considerate eyes and I smiled feeling appreciated.

He then turned back to the coconut milk which was now removed from the heat and he added the egg yolks whilst whisking in slowly, sugar and a drop of vanilla extract. Making the custard was heavenly...the aroma that filled the kitchen was to die for.

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