Chapter Two - The Lady In Red

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Authors Note:

I have decided to do opening and ending songs! They will change through out the story, don't forget we have a sequel as well hehe ;D


[Opening Song: Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab]

Lily's P.O.V

Reaching the end of the path which was created after I made a wooden fish I see a room. Looking around the room I see a painting hanging on the wall (why am I not surprised?). The painting is completely painted black but there is a red chalk face drawn on it, not only that, the face tongue is moving about. Getting a little bit closer it spits at me.

"Ew" I say pulling a face, I grab a tissue from the pocket in my handbag and wipe my face, the painting laughs at me. How rude!

Walking past the painting there is another painting which is completely white, but there is something lightly written, it is the number 15! Maybe I need more numbers for something, I'll just have to wait. Walking all the way to the right I see some writing on the wall 'BEWARE OF THE LIPS'. T-The lips. I keep walking to the right where I see a pair of lips on the wall.

"Hungry... Give me food..." The lips tell me and snap there teeth at me making me flinch in return.

Food? I don't have any food, I guess I need to find some.. just like with the wooden fish. I walk the final corridor where one dark hand reaches for me. I dodge it quickly. Going to the right I see hanging dolls, they hand from red thread from the ceiling. Going to the door it has a small chalk board, on the chalk board is a hooked on piece of chalk and a small rubber, on the chalk board it has a password.

"'Write password on the chalk board in order to enter'" I read out loud "'X x X + X'"

I have the number 15. I need 2 more numbers before I can enter... damn it.

Going to the left side I see a piece of writing beside the door 'The Liar's Room'. Opening the door I see a bunch of paintings. All of shadows wearing coloured outfits, green, brown, yellow, blue, white and red.

Going to the blue painting it says 'The only truth speaker is Green'. I'm guessing the one in Green is lying. Going to the white painting it says 'From the statue go to west 2 steps, then north 2 steps! That is the answer!'. Next, red. 'I agree with the one in yellow!'. Uhhh. Going to the yellow painting it says 'The one in white speaks the truth!'.

"So... 2 steps west and then 2 steps north. Got it" I say to myself and enter the door in between the paintings. The room has loads of tiles and a white statue. Standing in front of the statue I got 2 steps to the left and then 2 steps forward. I try lifting up the tile but nothing happens. The white is lying!

Coming out of the room I go to the brown painting this time which says 'Stand in front of the statue, go 3 steps east and 1 step south'. Going to the green painting it says 'Stand in front of the statue, go west 4 steps and 1 step south'. It has to be one of these ones... Brown... Brown has to be the right answer! 3 steps east, 1 step south!

Going back inside the room I stand in front of the white statue and go 3 steps to the right and down 1 step. The tile seems loose. Picking up the tile is comes off of the ground. Yes!

There is a number on the back of the tile, it says '7'. So... 15 x 7 + ? One more number until it is complete! The brown painting has been really helpful!

Leaving the room satisfied my face turns into deep shock when I see all the paintings holding knives apart from the brown painting which is covered in loads of red paint whereas the other colours only have a tiny paint of red paint splattered on them.

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