Baby (Part 2)

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**6 years later.**
You sat at the park with your friend Laurie and your 5 year old daughter, almost 6. After Harry got rid of both of you, you decided to keep the baby. She didn't do anything and she deserves a life, with her mommy. She constantly asked about daddy but all you could tell her was he was away. She would come home from school and ask why other little girls had daddy's and she didn't. It killed you inside to see her like this but you couldn't tell her anything about him.
"Mommy!" She yelled running up to you. "Hmm, princess?" You said breaking out of your thoughts. She looked a lot like you. She only had Harry's dimples,nose,& eyes. Everything else was yours. "Can we go get ice cream with him?" She said pointing to someone. You looked to where she was pointing to see a tall figure, brown boots, black jeans, and a Rolling Stones t-shirt. It was Harry. "Lillian, stay with Laurie." You said to your daughter getting up.
You walked over to Harry. He was looking the other way so he didn't see you coming. "What the hell?" You said as he turned around. "(Y/N,) you look great!" He said smiling. "No, why are you talking to my daughter?" You asked clearly mad. "Our daughter." He said. "No, my daughter. You can't just barge into her life playing Mr. Dad. It doesn't work that way." You said. "I'm sorry, but I wanna play the role of Mr.Dad&Mr.Husband." He said. "I miss you, (Y/N) and man have I had some dreams about you." Harry said smiling.
"Then why'd you get rid of me?" You said upset looking down. "I was being a selfish jerk and my career ended after that anyways. I started drinking and doing drugs cause I missed you so much. But I'm clean now. And that's why I decided to come out today. Please just give me another chance." He said picking your hand up. "Last chance." You said. "Last chance." He said. You held his hand walking towards Lilly.
"Lilly, this is daddy." You said. Her face lit up like Christmas morning. "Daddy!" She yelled and Harry picked her up and hugged her. "I missed you." She said.
•You gave Harry his last chance and it worked out pretty well. 2 years later Harry and you got married and decided to have another kid. You welcomed Dylan Styles into the family.•

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