Cruising for a Jobbing

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It was an interesting June day, and the women's locker room was buzzing thanks to Charlotte and Dana Brooke. One would think betraying one's flesh and blood was one thing, but Charlotte trashed talked about one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers... the one with the same birthday as her. Charlotte made one 'dumb blonde' remark too far on her twitter feed, and it wasn't part of the script. There was a rule it came to certain rock musicians, DON'T SPEAK ILL WILL. Trash talking about the dead was a taboo, and to go for someone like the younger of the two women who was placed in the Class of 2010 Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame was something that even Stephanie McMahon found uncalled for. It was time to drop the gimmicks for a moment, and it was up to the women who found the comments upsetting to come up with a way to teach Charlotte a lesson on respect.

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"This is clearly an outrage. If Emma wasn't on the DL, she would've rip Charlotte a new one. ABBA was very popular in Australia. They even got a cover band, that's still running to this day." Becky said.

"There's no doubt someone has to punish Charlotte. Making her job for someone with the same birthday as her... she might as well just job herself." Trinity said.

"Tri... this is not Japan though you got a point." Eva said.

"If those Ashleys from the show 'Recess' were here, they would've call those Ashley's scandalous... just for that." Alicia said.

"Look, her dad, Ric Flair was one thing, but... going after the dead... that's a full different ball game. When Prince died, many were still too scarce to trash talk about him." Eva said.

"Yeah, but Agnetha died back in 1983 from that bus crash. Her brain was donated for research in order to figure out what the hell let wrong. They found the same fate as Frankie Campbell got to her. For Charlotte to say something what she tweeted, it's clear there is a blonde who is clearly dumb." Becky said.

"I heard of dumb blondes before but that was one of the worst comments I ever heard. Triple H and Stephanie demanded that Charlotte be punished, they'll willing to excuse any attacks that causes injuries to get the message through." Eva said.

"One problem, there's only a few people we know who shares the same birthday. One of them is Sika, the father of one of my cousin-in-laws... Joe." Trinity said.

"She's right, but Roman has a no-hitting women rule, even the second next best guy, DDP." Paige said.

"Look, we need to find someone." Eva said.

They ponder for a moment until...

"Wait... I know this girl, Anna. She's actually the same age as Charlotte... right down to the year." Paige said.

"That Brit... she's has proven to be a badass. She's the first women to take perform in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal... much to the dismay of the guys." Alicia said.

"Well, she's rather tall... Emma and Bayley were the only to women she jobbed by accident because they got her ankle. Still, she's the tallest in the women's roster, at 6 feet 2, even Nia had to look up." Eva said.

"I hope you know what you're doing." Becky said.

"Wait... this sounds dangerous... but Anna is trained in this kind of match. I was watching the Asylum match, with Renee because her man, Dean, was there, and thought about Anna's back-story." Nattie said.

"Are you bloody kidding? Anna could easily kill Charlotte in such... have it booked." Paige said.

"Wait... a minute... Anna is known for simply just using her hands, even with MMA gloves." Eva said.

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