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Fred Weasley felt the ends of his shirt being tugged every time he was called to bring his attention away from the blueprint he was looking over of another product for the shop.

"Hope. Hope. Hope. Hope." He said with a grin, not looking away from the blueprint just yet as his daughter made an irritated face.




The two jumped as they heard Eleanor Weasley yell from behind them as she came down the stairs from the flat that overlooked Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

"Merlin's pants, Ellie, you can't be doing that!" Fred told her clutching his hand to his chest.

The woman grinned proudly. "I want just trying to join in on the fun is all. Now pay attention to your daughter." she said swiping the blueprint from his hands and walking off to the backroom.

Fred made a face similar to Hope's before it softened as he looked down at the five year old.


"Yes, Hope, you have my full attention. What is it?"

"Do girls have cooties?" she asked.

Fred stared at his child for a moment. "Come again?"

" girls have cooties?"

"What?" Fred chuckled before lifting Hope up and setting her down on the counter. "Who told you that girls have cooties?"

"Teddy. He said that Stella had cooties. And then Elliot asked if all girls had cooties and Teddy said yes."

"Of course he did." Eleanor chuckled, returning to the main part of the shop. "What have I told you about listening to what Teddy tells you, Hope?"

"Not to listen."

"Exactly." Eleanor winked at her. "Don't listen to him."

"So girls don't have cooties?" 

"No." Fred answered. "Girls don't have cooties...Teddy might but girls don't."

"I knew it!" Hope said. "That's what I tried to tell Henry, but he's not a very good listener, Daddy." 

"Well, that's to be expected, but then again you're not a very good listener yourself." Fred teased her, poking her on the nose.

Hope giggled before hopping off the counter, adjusting her maroon knitted jumper as she straightened herself.

"I'm a better listener than Henry!" 

"No one is going to argue with you on that." Fred grinned before turning around and searching for Eleanor. "Oh love, can I have that blueprint back, please? I need to go over something before George gets here."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Eleanor's voice rang out from a different aisle.



"Hope!" Hope clapped her hands together with a laugh making her parents share in a laugh with her.

"Why don't you go get your shoes on, Hope?" Eleanor said coming around one of the corners of the aisle. "I'll drop you off to go play with Henry. Alright?"


Hope skipped off up the stairs to the upstairs flat, leaving her parents alone for a moment.

Fred placed his hand out before his wife's face. "Blueprint?"



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