Chapter 1

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Brianna's POV
My name is Brianna Harvey. I'm a normal junior with a few friends who just blends in with everyone else. I go to Slider's High and in each grade everyone is divided into class according to your GPA. From class A all the way to class F. The lower your scores are the lower the class. And in my case, I am in class F. Ever since when I was a freshman I wanted to be in the A class. I would stay up all night and study till the sun comes up. But each year I remain in class F, no matter how hard I try, still no avil. All this hard work is always for just one guy. And of course, with my luck this particular guy had was the golden boy; both ridiculously smart and too popular for his own good.

Naturally, everybody divides into little cliques in our school. We have the "it" girls and annoying bullies but they wouldn't bother the punks. Just like the nerds wouldn't bother the jocks. That is why whenever somebody talks to someone out of their clique it becomes a big deal. Although everyone is divided into groups, somehow the rumours still spread around rather quickly. Which is how everything came to this.

Ok Brianna, this is it, the day you have been waiting for. Don't mess up, its a one chance thing. I looked over to the main entrance of the building. My heart started to beat faster and my palms were warmer. My breath caught in my throat when that one guy I can't talk to strode into the hallways. That 'guy' was Grayson Dolan. Grayson Dolan was like the most popular guy in school along side with Ethan. He was super hot, sporty, and smart; everything a girl wanted in a guy. But he doesn't hang out with the popular crowd, he has his own buddies and keeps to himself. Yet somehow he had every girl in this school falling heads over heels over him. And yes, he knows it too. He is the only person I was working my butt off for,to impress him. Which obviously isn't going to happen.

The first time I ever saw him, I was a freshman. Everybody was gathered in the auditorium for the opening ceremony. Some teachers gave presentations about what they expect from us during this school year and all that stuff.
Then I heard a girl whisper,
"Guess what, I heard that a sex god is giving a speech!" she squealed. "He is top student in our grade and he might even be in the same class as me!"

Oh whoop dee doo, how is a top student suppose to be hot? Aren't they all nerds who just spend their time buried in books? Appearantly the universe wanted to prove my stereotypical mind wrong, and they did just that. Because once he stepped onto the stage, I felt like the entire universe had stopped for a second as cliche as that sounds. My eyes were glued on him and everything about him captivated me.

I was pulled out of my memory trance when I saw Grayson walking closer and closer to me by each step. I quickly pulled out a letter out from my pocket. I took a deep breath and nervously walked over to Grayson while biting my lip. I quickly approached him and cleared my throat. He looked over to me and tilted his head in response as he studies me with hard eyes.

"U-uh hi, I'm Brianna." I could literally feel my heart trying to jump out of my chest.
"This letter is for you." I handed the letter to him, waiting for him to take it.
"I just wanted you t---"

Grayson held up a hand to stop me from going any further. I don't know wether to be happy or sad; I won't have to embarrass myself any further but this totally screams rejected! in my face.
"No thank you." he simply replied.
My jaw dropped as he said those three words. What did he just say? He didn't even listen to the rest of my confession, nor did he take my letter!

I kept my head down and made as little eye contact as possible. I could hear people snickering and whispering to each other.
"Did she seriously think Grayson Dolan would talk to her?"
"I feel bad for the poor girl, her chance with Grayson has definitely flew out the window."
"What a bitch, he would never want to have anything to do with her."

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