One Direction Facts

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This is for all the Directioners out there! I love One Direction!


1. Liam is afraid of spoons!

2. Niall's first tweet was to Justin Bieber!

3. If Harry sees someone hating on the boys, he'd be nice to that person and shut them up with sarcasm!

4. When Liam is sad, the boys tell him to imagine babies being born with mustaches because it makes him laugh!

5. Before watching the 'What Makes You Beautiful' video for the first time Niall said, "Wait! I need to get food, pause it!"

6. Louis name is actually pronounced 'Lewis' but because of the fans it changed to 'louee'!

7. If Niall was rich enough, he'd buy his own Nando's and call it Nialldo's!

8. Niall once took a camera from a fan and ran away with it, he took lots of pictures of himself and Louis returned the camera to the fan!

9. Zayn has three sisters- Doniya, Waliya and Salaa

10. One Direction was formed on 23 July 2010 at 8:22!

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