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001. | ❛ i can rip out throats.

training the new Avengers. Caroline, along with the others learned something interesting. Much like the Maximoffs, Caroline possessed the same powers of being able to use hypnotic powers since her dad tortured her. But over the past months, Wanda taught Caroline how to control and use her powers. Caroline and Steve put some preparations into their wedding but secretly Caroline knew that Steve didn't want to get married until he had his best friend: Bucky.

After what seemed like months on not having a lead. the group was sent to Lagos to investigate a possible lead on Crossbones, or Rumlow. Sitting at a small table outside of a restaurant with Wanda, Caroline dipped her tea bag into her cup. Her eyes flickered up up to Wanda, giving her a smile before glancing back down. 

Caroline inhaled deeply while glancing around the area as she picked up her cup. Bringing it to her lips and taking a sip, before her eyes caught the red head that she familiarized as her best friend.

"Alright, what do you see?" Steve questioned them through their comms with Caroline sighing.

"Standard cops, small station," Caroline answers, "Quiet street, it's a pretty good target."

"There's an ATM on the south corner, which means-"

"Cameras." Wanda replies, cutting Steve off

"So compromise the escape routes." Caroline says to Wanda

"Our guy doesn't care about being seen, he's not afraid to make a mess." Steve explained to the team with Caroline continuing to sip her tea. "See that Range Rover about halfway around the block?"

"You mean the red one?" Wanda questions. "It's cute."

"It's also bulletproof." Natasha finally speaks u. "Which means private security, which means more guns, which means more headaches probably for us.

"You guys know that I can move things with my mind, right?" Wanda asked

"I'm offended because i am getting pretty good at this hypnotic stuff." Caroline adds, "But can I rip out their throats?"

"Looking over your shoulder needs to become second nature." Natasha says, in that moment Caroline knew she meant Wanda because Natasha and Clint always taught her to look behind her back.

"We also need a good vampire on this mission." Kiara commanded Caroline

"Can't promise anything"

"Has anyone ever told you how paranoid you are?" Another voice who is identified as Sam Wilson, otherwise known as Falcon.

"To my face, no." Natasha answers. "Why did you hear something?"

"Focus guys, this is the best lead on Rumlow we have gotten, I don't want to lose him." Steve says to them with Caroline shifting in her seat and pulling out a small mirror to see her vampire veins coming out and green orbs clouding her blue ones. She tried shaking it away and for the moment it went away but Wanda was right, Caroline didn't have enough control of her powers.

"That should be easy, he already hates us," Wanda glances up to the vampire who gives a longing glance that makes Wanda shrug it off.

"Hey, Sam, do you see that garbage truck?" Steve questions Sam.


"Tag it." Steve orders

"The drivers armed and the truck is at max weight." Sam reveals, making Caroline sit up straight knowing exactly what was going to happen.

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