Meeting the Tomlinson's

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Louis's POV

I just finished giving Hailey a bath when my phone rang. I took my phone out of my pocket and saw it was my mum.

"Hello mum" I said.

"Hey Louis, are you still coming to to Phoebe and Daisy's birthday party?" She asked.

"Yeah, we were just getting dressed." I said.

"Oh are you bring the boys?"

"No, I'm bring my daughter."

"Daughter?" She said.

"Haven't you seen the news lately?" I asked.

"No, I have been busy with the little ones. Louis Tomlinson, you better not have gotten a girl pregnant!" She yelled.

"No I didn't, I adopted her." I said. I could hear her sigh in relief.

"What is my granddaughter's name?"

"Her name is Hailey."

"What a beautiful name I can't wait to see her." She said. Hailey started to fuss.

"Mum, I have to go Hailey is starting to fuss." I said.

"Okay sweetheart I will see you later." She said then hung up. I put my phone back in my pocket before going to Hailey's room and getting her dressed.

We left the house once we were ready and drove the three hours from London to Doncaster. Once we arrived at my mum's house I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the freak out of the century. I looked down at Hailey to see her smiling at me. I smiled at her then unbuckled her and picked her up. I walked to the front door and went in. Six screaming girls including my mum came rushing toward me. I turned and shielded Hailey away from them till they calm down. Once they did I turned around to see them smiling at me.

"Happy birthday Phoebe and Daisy" I said.

"Thanks" they said.

"Can I hold her?" Phoebe asked. I was about to say yes but my mum interrupted.

"Grandmother first" she said before reaching for Hailey. Hailey whimpered signalling that she didn't want to be taken but my mum was determined to hold her granddaughter. She took her from me and it killed me to see my daughter cry. I tried to take her back but my mum just pushed my hands away. "Louis, she needs to learn that it's okay to let someone else hold her." I sighed and went to the backyard so I didn't have to see or hear my daughter being tortured. After ten minutes all the girls minus my mum came outside.

"Your daughter has some lungs on her." Georgia said

"Is she still crying?" I asked angrily. She nodded and I stood and walked into the house. I went into the living room to see my mom struggling not to cry. I took Hailey out of her hands and rocked her back and forth. Once she was calm down she fell asleep. I carefully handed her to my mum and she sniffed before smiling at me.

"I am sorry" she said.

"Don't be, Hailey is a serious daddies girl, plus she's is teething." I said rubbing mum's back.

"I thought she doesn't like me." She said.

"Zayn told me that Gigi had to have Liam pick her up and calm her before she could even touch her because she was comfortable with the boys." I said then frowned. "I am slightly worried that as she will grow up that she will get to much into boys that she will forget about me."

"Louis, Hailey adores you. I don't think she will ever forget her daddy." She said making me smile.

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