Chapter 5: Unexpected

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I slowly opened my eyes, my head was throbbing. i look around to see that I was at Derek's old burnt house. I tried to move but I was tied to a table and my mouth taped. I heard foot steps coming closer and closer until I saw a drunk 30 year old guy standing at my feet.

"Oh look you awake for the show, Missy" he ripped my pants and underwear off, making me flinch. "This is going to be fun" he took off his pants and jocks. He climbed up onto the table and lined himself up. "This is going to hurt, sweetie" he smirked, he launched his whole member inside me. It was so painful I wanted to scream but I couldn't. He kept thrusting in and out each time it's more painful, "ah that feels good, how about you Missy" he licked my face and his eyes turned bright blue.

It had been about maybe half an hour and he was still thrusting into inside me but he has fully transformed into a werewolf. He has scratched me and bit me but since he wasn't an alpha I didn't need to worry about turning. I was weak from the pain that, I was close to losing consciousness. I was just about to give up fighting, then the man stopped and put his pants on & a sheet over my below hips section. "Goodbye Bitch" he slapped me across the face and left the house. I started to cry silently, but I stop when I heard a shot echo outside and through house, then floor boards started to creak. I closed my eyes, then the tape was ripped of my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Chris with a sad look on his face, I sighed in relief.

He untied my legs and hands, he picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the house, with the sheet wrap around me. Chris put me in the back seat of his SUV then he got into the drivers seat and drove away from the house. I started losing consciousness, my vision blurred and the last thing I heard was Chris voice, "Stay with me Alysha!" then everything went dark.

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