More Than Friends

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You were a new employee at a newly constructed bakery. You pretty much owned the shop.. er.. well, your dad owned it. You liked to call it yours, anyhow.

There was a certain man that always loved to stop by and greet you. His name was Karamatsu, and you two have pretty much been best friends for the longest time, now.

Whenever he was sad, or needed to vent out to someone who would actually listen, he came to you. He had told you before that he's attempted to make conversations with his brothers, but they just act like he didn't exist, or as if they didn't hear him say anything.

You listened to him intently each time, giggling whenever he started acting dramatically and did poses.

Whenever he was with you, he felt a little less lonely.

Whenever he's with you, his heart warms up to the thought of someone actually paying attention to him for once.

Whenever he's with you, he feels wanted.

His brothers always insult him, they make fun of his clothes, the way he acts, (Which you think is really adorable.) and the way he looks.

Whenever he's with you, he feels accepted as a person. A human being. Not some distant shadow who only exists whenever his brothers require something from him.

Lately, he's been visiting your shop more frequently, and has been giving you a lot of gifts. You told him that all of this was unnecessary, yet he continued to do it anyways.

After work, you two would go for walks. Sometimes you'd go around the block, other times, you'd hang out near the bridge.

His heart fluttered whenever he was near you, and you felt the same. However, both of you were unsure of how one another felt, and were scared of rejection, so you stayed quiet. Well, you were scared of rejection, but he was scared of ruining one person he could call a friend's relationship.

He doesn't really care about being rejected. It happens to him already on a daily basis.

Today, he invited you to go and see a movie with him. You gladly accepted, and were getting ready right now. You were going to confess to him tonight.

"Ah, there's the curler!" You said to yourself, eager to style your hair for him. After you did your hair, you put the cutest outfit that you could find on, and looked at yourself in the mirror. "Perfect."

You grabbed your purse and swung it around your shoulder, happily skipping over to the movie theater.

Karamatsu was waiting there, his back pressed up against the side of the cinema. He immediately perked up when he noticed you approach him. "(Y/N), my darling. I'm so glad that you could make it." He said to you, smirking.

He looked at your cute getup that you were currently clad in and blushed a soft shade of pink. "Y-you look beautiful today.. but what should I expect from a lovely jewel such as yourself?"

You blushed. "You're too kind! Thank you, Karamatsu-san. You look handsome as well!"

You went over to him and hugged him gently, smiling brightly. He was hesitant to hug you back, but soon wrapped his arms around your frame as you did his.

He hasn't really been hugged since he was a kid, so it was somewhat foreign to him now.

He handed you a pretty bouquet of flowers. You smiled in response and took them. He always did this, so you didn't find it as him trying to be romantic... wait, was he? You shrugged the thought out of your mind.

"C'mon, Kutiematsu, the movie's starting!" You looped your arm with his and went inside of the theater. He blushed some more. You really were too sweet. Especially to him.

After the movie, you two stood by the snack area. You took a big breath. This was it. You were going to tell him how you felt. "Uhm.. Kara-san?"

"Oh? What is it, my (Y/N)?" He responded, glancing at you.

"Karamatsu... I've been thinking.. A-and.. I-I think that I like you!" You shouted a bit too loud, and everyone around was staring at you.

"I like you too, my angel. For you are the most dearest friend to me."

Your heart sunk for a moment. Maybe he did only see you as a friend and nothing more.

"N-no.," You started. "That's not.. what I meant."

He looked at you with a confused expression.


"I.. I.. I.. love you, Karamatsu!"

Karamatsu's face turned red. Did his ears deceive him? You loved him?? He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out.

You looked beyond terrified. 'Great job, now you've done it, (Y/N). Everything is going to be awkward now.'

Or so you thought. Now it was time for you to question your ears.

"I love you too, I-I always have." He spoke gingerly. His hand on the back of his head. His voice faltered back to his normal tone, and you found it adorable.

You jumped up in joy, immediately wrapping your arms around him and embracing him into a tight, loving hug. He hugged you back, a light blush visible on his cheeks.

He didn't see you as a friend! He liked you back! You couldn't begin to explain how happy you were at this very moment!

He immediately went back to his 'cool' facade after you hugged him.

"Heh, I guess that I'm just all that irresistible, huh? You can't keep your hands off me."

"Oh, Karamatsu."

Little did you know, he had little tears of joy, hidden under his sunglasses.

And this is how your relationship began.

You couldn't be happier.

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