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A mysterious, dark hooded figure was walking down a narrow alley during a winter's night in London. He-yes I'm affirmative it was a he- was rather tall and had an aura of proudness. In his arms was a small bundle. It was tightly wrapped and he held  it close to his chest, suggesting it was of great importance to him. 

He continued walking untill he reached a certain street. He smiled to himself. 

He walked up the rather slippery steps and knocked on the door, waiting for someone to answer .In the light of the lamp post, the bundle was actually a baby. She was sound asleep, her small, petite fingers clutching the man's suit. She had lovely, curly hair, the curls framed her face. Her cheeks were puffed and chubby. After a few minutes a lady, in her forties opened the door.

"Come in," Violet Holmes said the hooded man, opening the door wider for him to enter.

With his one free hand, he un-cloaked himself and walked into the house. He had slivery hair until his shoulder, one eye was covered by a golden eyepatch and the other was looking at Violet. He wore royal robes, not of England and  not even of the world. He was Odin AllFather. 

"Would Your Majesty like a cup of tea or something?" asked Mrs. Holmes timidly.

He smiled at her and replied," My work here is for a short period of time."

The woman sighed at sat down opposite the AllFather," Well, let's see her then."

Odin slowly unwrapped the bundle as to not to disturb the sleeping baby girl.

"Her name is Asta Laufeydaughter," he said, caressing the soft cheeks of the baby," but she will be known as Galadriel Lalaith Varda Nienor Greenleaf, named after book characters that you love so much, and her birthday, according to the Midgardian calendar is 10th January. It is your responsibility that she is raised well, and will one day, come back to Asgard, we have arranged her marriage, to one of the lords' son. He will be the best for her."

"But Your Majesty," she intervened, "Won't it be unfair for the girl to have her future decided right before she can walk or talk? She has her own rights here."

"Enough," he boomed, anger was evident in his eyes, "speak no more. You are but her caretaker and nothing more! You will not decide her future!"

Violet Holmes trembled a little at his anger, hoping her husband and her sons hadn't heard him.

"Her heritage?" Violet asked timidly.

Odin sighed. "Her father is Laufey, as you can gather from her last name and therefore, a Frost Giantess. Her mother as well, Firbauti. Frigga wanted to keep her, but I was reluctant. Our other son is a Frost Giant as well, we don't want them to know of their heritage."

Odin gently placed the infant in Violet's arms. He stood up quickly and left as quickly as he had come. 

Violet had two other children in her home, two boys. Mycroft Holmes was the eldest, he had recently started working in the British Government. The other, Sherlock Holmes had just finished a degree in chemistry and was looking for a job, Scotland Yard was interested. They were different from other children, deducing life stories was their past time and being sociopathic. There was another Holmes sibling that no one knew of. His name was Sherrinford.

Violet took the sleeping infant with her into the bedroom and put it in between her husband and her. Asta yawned and turned around, her small arm on Mrs. Holmes' little finger. 

Violet smiled. Galadriel was going to be a pleasant addition to her small family.


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