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Previously: "Ethan, Ethan is my mate." My family gaped at me. Sam just grinned. 

"What are you grinning at?"

"I think you two are adorable together."

"Oh god. That just sounds weird. Especially coming from a dude." Ethan laughed and hugged me. I leaned into him, putting my head on his shoulder. 

"Your right Sam, they do make a good couple." Maya said. I glared at her. My dad laughed. 

"Come on let's get something to eat. Who's cooking?" Everyone looked at me. 

I sighed and headed towards the kitchen to make dinner. Today has been a long day. 


"Ethan!!!!" I screamed for all I was worth. 

"What?" He shouted looking in panic around the room. I giggled. He just looked so cute.

"There's a spider!! KILL IT!!" 

"Really Max?" He looked at me flatly. 

"What? Would you rather I let it crawl into the food I'm making for all ya'alls?" Ethan sighed and looked at the spider that was sitting on the counter innocently. Just a minute ago it was crawling all around the place like a madman! That little rascal. This is why I hate spiders.

"Max it's not even moving."

"It was before! I swear it was!" Ethan laughed at me. LAUGHED AT ME. 

"That's it. This spider is going into your food."

"Max.... Alright alright I'll kill it." he grabbed a napkin and smooshed it. YAY!! I hugged Ethan. He chuckled and hugged me back. He lifted his head and grabbed my cheeks and kissed me. I moaned and leaned into him. He lifted me up by my hips and placed me on the counter standing in between my legs. I rubbed myself against him moaning again. He reached a hand in between us and rubbed me with his hand. I groaned and grinded against his hand. 

"Oh God..... That is not a scene I wanted to walk in on...." Maya said covering her eyes. I could hear Sam snickering behind her. Just to bug her i started moaning really loudly and grinding against Ethan. Which actually managed to turn me on. Oops! Looks like I'm not the only one that got excited by that. Teehee. 

"MAX! YOU'RE SO IMMATURE!!" I pulled away from Ethan to see my sister glaring at us and Sam watching us with amusment.

"Love you too Sis." I replied grinning cheekily. She just glared on. Bitch. 

"Max, be nice to your sister." My dad said walking into the kitchen. 


"Because she's your sister."


"Max think of it this way. Would you like it if she died and the last word you ever said to her was 'bitch'?" OH NO THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE!!

"I LOVE YOU SIS!!!!" I yelled pushing Ethan off me and running to her, squeezing her tight. 

"Ow. Max too tight." 

"That's what HE said!"

"Not funny Max."

"Damn." Ethan laughed again and hugged me. I could totally feel something poking into my stomach. I raised my eyebrow at Ethan. He grinned sheepishly. I lowered my eyelids seductivly. He widened his eyes. 

"There they go again!" I tore my eyes away from Ethan to look at Maya like she was crazy.

"There we go...... doing what?"

"That weird little communication thingy you do without even talking!"


"So what were you guys saying?" I grinned mischieviously and Ethan looked worried. 

"Well, first I said 'really Ethan again?' and the he said 'What? I can't help it!' and then i said 'Need me to take care of it?' and he asked 'NOW?!?!'"


"Ethan was excited...... If you know what I mean." I wiggled my eyebrows. 


"....Yes, mate?" He just looked at me. I gave him my innocent 'what?' look. He glared at me. I slowly started backing away towards the door. 

"Umm.... The dinner's in the oven, it'll be done in about five minutes. Save some for me and Ethan." Then I turned and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I could hear stomping behind me. I ran into my room and turned my stereo on high enough so no one would be able to hear anything going on in my room.... If you know what I mean? Wink wink. Ethan entered the room his gaze zeroing on me. I slowly started backing away. He growled and used his werewolf super speed to run over to me and push me against the wall. Ooh kinky.

(Go to the Restricted Chapters of My Stories for the naughty scenes. If you don't wanna read that then just read on.)

 I woke up in the morning feeling really cold. I reached out my arms for Ethan just to see that he wasn't there. I sat up straight in bed. Where was he? 

I pulled some pants on and ran downstairs. My dad was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper.

"Dad, have you seen Ethan?"

"Not since you two left before dinner." He said not even looking up from his paper. I ran back upstairs, maybe he was in the shower. I peered into the bathroom. No one there. Maybe he was done with his shower and is now in my room getting dressed! I ran to my room as fast as I could. No one there either. I was just about to leave my room when i saw a white sheet of paper on Ethan's pillow. It had "Max" written on the front. I opened it slowly.

Dear Max,

I need some time to think about this. Please don't come looking for me, honestly I will be alright. I will be back.... I just.... I need some time to think. Don't worry about me while I'm gone. I know Maya will take great care of you while I'm gone. Make sure to keep healthy and strong for me Max.


What? Need time to think? Think about what? And he didn't sign it 'Love, Ethan' like he usually does! What did I do wrong?!!? I let out a hard sob. I ran to Maya's room flinging myself ontop of her and Sam. 

"Ow Max. Get off." Then she noticed that I was crying.

"Aw Maxxi, what happened?" She asked pulling me into a hug. 

"E-ethan left me. H-he said he needed time to 'think'."

"Think? Think about what?"

"I don't know!"

"Oh you poor thing. Don't worry he'll be back."


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