Eric Watson: Through a Glass, Darkly

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Eric looked up and down Meadow Falls. He panted and wiped sweat from his brow; a whirlwind feeling of sick consumed his stomach. "Oh no..." He repeated, over and over, praying for a sign of Justin's safety. Carmen was right behind him, also looking in every possible direction.

"Don't worry Eric, we'll find him..." Carmen tried to comfort him. She could see how worried he was. He grabbed his hair and threw his arms down in frustration.

"I can't believe this!" He cried, a hint of anger in his voice. "I promised him I wouldn't let the Ripper touch him and now he's missing, literally five minutes after I said everything would be okay. I promised him and I've let him down, again!"

Carmen could understand, but seeing Eric on the verge of a breakdown was rather scary in the middle of their current circumstances. "Eric, please try to stay calm. You mustn't blame yourself for this." If he lost it, she would lose it.

He looked at her and realised that he was beginning to freak her out. Eric tried to think quickly of what he should do next. "Sorry. I just hate thinking I've let you guys down."

"We can take care of ourselves too, but tell me, what do you want us to do?"

Eric remembered something. "The book!" Carmen looked at him in confusion. "There's a book I took from below the library. It's filled with stuff about the Ripper and other weird creatures that live in this town. I think it was written by the founders to warn us, the future generations that have to live here, but it was hidden away, like somebody didn't want us to read it. Maybe it will have some kind of way of finding the Ripper? If the Ripper does have Justin, we can find him that way."

She smiled at him. "See. Once we start to realise hope isn't lost, we start to think clearly. Great idea, should I come with you to get the book?"

Eric led the way back into the café. "Can you stay here with Tiffany? I'm going to take Christina home, she can accompany me on the way there, that way I'm not alone for most of the journey."

"Okay, but will you come back to the café? I don't want you looking for Justin alone."

They re-entered the café through the fire exit doors. "Yes. I promise I'll come back to the café. I don't want to do this alone." They shared a smile before Eric slammed the doors shut and jiggled the handlebar, making sure it locked itself. The pair walked through the back of the café and the kitchen before they returned to Tiffany and Christina. A customer had come in and was on his way out when they arrived to the front.

"You served a customer?" Carmen asked Tiffany, who was just walking back to Christina from behind the counter.

"I did," she answered.

"And she didn't even insult them. Tiffany always insults the first customer she serves," Christina said, astonishing them.

"Well they shouldn't be unlucky enough to be my first customer, but I have bigger things on my mind right now than coming up with a witty insult."

Eric laughed. "I'm glad someone thinks they're witty. Christina, I'm going to take you home now. I have a book filled with information about the monsters in this town, and the Ripper is one of them. I think if I really look, there might be a way of finding Justin... if the Ripper has him. I'm praying to God he hasn't."

"But, what if you need me?" Christina protested. She really didn't like the plan that excluded her from finding her friend. "What if I can help? There might be a location spell or something I could try?"

"You need to spend some more time with Christopher," Carmen told her, stepping in for Eric. "You just got him back, I bet you're dying to see him."

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