Prologue: Signal Hour

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Prologue: Signal Hour

     Sirens roamed in the air in explosive volumes.  A plethora of dark colors burst and seeped through the clouds as obscure sun rays streamed from behind, shattering before they even touched anything on the ground. Rumbles of thunder joined the surfeit of roars,  immediately exploding after the flashes of lights. Everything seemed to have reached a point of collapse.

     Inside the Council of Nations' Headquarters, everyone had their eyes glued upon the gigantic screens showing the events beyond the walls. A screen displayed a group of furious werewolves maneuvering a colossal battering ram as it hit the gates with explosive strokes, a legion of the howling beings lining behind them and appearing ready to infiltrate once the gates were breached. Some would fall to the ground, but  countless more come in swarm, unshaken by rain of arrows falling from the skies.

     The Secretary General watched in horrified disappointment, her eyes fixed at the monitors and her hands stiff as stone against the table. She glanced sideways to her left side, casting a suggestive grimace at Vlad Impaler, the President of Ursinium, before bringing her eyes back on the screen, which now showed the walls running through the Cavernduke Bay. The walls, as formidable as they appeared, stood firmly against the gushing riptides. Atop the waves emerged the ferocious mermen, already in their malevolent form as they raised their gleaming tridents. And as the tides came to a sudden withdraw, they surged forth and dove toward the steel gates, determined to weaken its foundations by battering themselves and weapons against it.

     The Secretary General glanced back at the President who himself appeared to be appalled by the current situations.

     "We're in peril Mr. President, soon enough our first line of defenses will be broken down—"

    "The second line stands much stronger than these walls, Madamme Secretary General. We've gathered more than enough forces to man the borders to raise our defenses to unprecedented levels...there's no way these malign beings can penetrate the cities" Impaler said, his voice calm but bearing conviction. He stared back at the screen and lingered there as the Secretary General continued speaking.

     "But what about the people living outside the interior's walls? Have they been warned that these beasts are coming?!"

     "That's something I can't do anything about—anymore. We've done our duty getting those people back within the interiors and we've received nothing more than bland response. Our main concern now is to keep the main cities and the Capital safe and untouched, we cannot afford to expose Ursinium's core even to the smallest of risks..."

     The Secretary General rose to her feet, facing Impaler. 

      "How can you do this to them?" she spoke in an exasperated tone. "They are your people, you are their Pres—"

     "President!" Impaler cut her off, setting his eyes, now with an amused glare, at her. "That's right...and I'm doing the right thing as their President—"

     "I am the Secretary General!" she snapped, her voice ringing authority. She roamed her eyes for a while as murmurs started circulating around and brought them back at Impaler who now seemed to be displeased.

     "Exactly! You are just the Secretary General, Ms. Heartfilia! But I'm the leader of the most powerful state , which, incidentally, is where you are now! I'm so much more than the authority you can ever impose to this country—"

     "The Northern Gates have been breached!" shouted by someone just before the Secretary General could snarl back at Impaler.

     "The mermen have taken down the Cavernduke Gates and the vampires have gone past the Southern Walls already Sir!" another said.

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