The Past (C1)

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Hi. New story again.

Hope you read my other stories as well. Also I hope I get to interact with you guys in the comments so do ask me some things. Haha, I'm so lonely. okay bye.

Most parts of the story will be written in Hongbin's point of view, but if there is a change it will be mentioned. :)


Slowly I've been adjusting to the environment.

It was hard, I did not like it.

After I had been asked to leave the orphanage I have been looking for a place to live.

It's not that I had bad behaviour or anything but it was because I had already reached age limit to be actually staying at the orphanage.

I only stayed because I did not want to worry for my expenses so I just stayed there so I could be taken care of.

But now I was out. I was alone on the streets of the cold state.

I sat at the bus stop.

The night was dark. It was quiet.

I sighed. I looked at the boards, seeing the big words.

' Room for rent '

I raised my hand to grab the piece of paper.

I looked at the address. It was pretty near by so I decided to travel there.

I needed to find a shelter before it struck midnight and the streets will be completely dark and cold.

I lifted my bag, walking towards the stated address.

I reached a semi detached flat at the end of the street.

It was late but the lights in the house were still on so I decided to try my luck.

I walked towards the door.

I was about to raise my hand to ring the door bell, but the door suddenly opened.

"Ah." I gasped a little.

"Oh.You must be looking for a room, I was just about to put out the trash."

The blonde haired boy said as he looked at the sheet of paper in my hands.

"Ah yes..."I answered pulling myself together.

I did not need to be nervous right now, I was going to be a tenant here and might be staying for a long time.

"Sure, come in and I'll pass you the documents." he said.

He walked out and placed the bag of rubbish he was holding into the bin on the street.

His voice was nice sensation and he had fair skin.

He looked around his twenties and I'm not going to lie, he was quite handsome.

"Follow me."

He opened the door and led me in.

The house had a nice modern style.

Walls white, furniture sleek and stylish.

I allowed myself to settle down and take a seat at the soft white leathered sofa.

Another man then walked out from one of the rooms.

He had black hair and this cold look.

The blonde guy then walked out holding a bunch of documents.

"Ah that's Taekwoon hyung, he is another tenant and I am Jaehwan."

He placed the stack of papers he was holding in front of me, on the maple wood coffee table.

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