The Flood

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The Flood

“I feel the pressure; it’s coming down on me.

It’s turning me black and blue.” The flood – Escape the Fate

It was a dark stormy night and all I really wanted was to escape this horrible weather. Although, I loved rain right now all I wanted was for it to stop hitting and stinging my already cut and bruised skin. In the distance I saw a mansion that stood out amongst all this dark. My mind urged me to try and make it there but my legs were screaming at me in pain from having to have run for such a long period of time. I couldn’t stop now; I can make it! With every last bit of energy I had left I sprinted towards the mansion and hit my shoulder on the door, ensuring that I made a loud enough noise so that the whole household would hear. Black spots began clouding my vision and I slowly slid to the ground letting consciousness slip out of me.


I sat up quickly in my bed, after being rudely awoken of course, and quickly scanned my room.

“Claude!” I yelled, causing Claude to appear by my side almost instantly on one knee.

“Yes, your highness?” He answered in a robotic tone.

“I think someone’s at the door…Yay visitors!” I exclaimed while jumping out of bed and racing to the front door; Claude yelled something about slowing down but, I was way too excited to pay attention to him at the moment. I yanked open the door to welcome our new visitor but, instead found them sprawled upon my door step out cold. The medium sized lumps on the front of their chest gave me the impression that this person was female…or either a very fat person.

I frowned, “Claude, what is this thing doing on our doorstep.” I said while glaring down at it, while nudging it with my foot.

“I’m sorry your highness, want me to dispose of it?” Claude replied while also glaring down it.

My eyes narrowed, “Only if its dead…otherwise let Hanna hold onto it when it wakes up.” I answered while turning on my heel, heading to Hanna’s’ sleeping quarters.

Claude picked the girl up over his shoulder and followed behind me. I kicked in Hanna’s’ door and ripped the covers off her. “WAKE UP LAZY WHORE. Take care of this…and when it wakes up bring it to me for questioning.” As I finished my sentence Claude threw her on top of Hanna. Hanna just sat there nodding like some stupid Bobble head doll and I left her, with Claude trailing not so far behind me. Claude tucked me back into bed just like he had the first time then I dismissed him and fell fast asleep.


Chapter's kinda short but, they will get better :)

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