~ Five ~

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I Figure Out Now What's Wrong

"See why it's impossible for me to teach you in this distance?" Evandros reminded Phoebe after she got a score of two out of a ten-item quiz during the third day of their tutorial session.

The girl took in a deep breath. "You should have just prepared a slideshow for your lessons. I could request for the biggest monitor, you know."

"Why do we have to complicate things, despinis, when we could simplify things? All you have to do is sit down next to me and I could show you the process."

Evandros couldn't decide whether to be amused or be annoyed with his tutee's stubborness.

"Please, don't make it appear like sitting next to me is harder than algebra..." he mumbled.

Did he have some disgusting smell that she couldn't make it beside him?

"And, besides, you're just making yourself so uncomfortable there, sitting on your bed when there are a lot of chairs here," Evandros continued.

Phoebe stared at him. For three sessions of being with him, she had decided that she developed a crush on him and that she couldn't really fight it. In school, she told her close friend, Camilla, about her algebra tutor and, with the way she described him, her friend couldn't wait to meet him.

"You're lost again," Evandros commented when he saw how blank her expression was.

"I'm sorry..." For the first time, these words came out from Phoebe's mouth. She could tell that the guy did his best in making things simple for her yet she was just too stubborn to absorb all of those he had been injecting in her mind. She felt she needed to apologize.

The guy stretched out his body while he was sitting on the chair across her. "Apology accepted," he said, now amused with her. "Now that you see how things wouldn't work your way, starting today, we'll work it my way."

Phoebe bit her bottom lip. His way? What was going to be his way?

The guy stood up and walked closer to her on the bed. Too nervous, she jerked her butt. Was he to sit beside her on the edge of the bed?

No. Evan didn't sit down. Instead, he bent down and clasp her right hand.

"Hey!" Phoebe wheezed, obviously having a breathing difficulty.

"Let's sit together," he said, pulling her up.

Though she was in total bewilderment, especially feeling his warm hand in hers, she stood up as what he wanted and absentmindedly dropped her notebook on the bed.

"I'll decide where you sit. We both need a table." Evan said in an authoritative tone. He just found the two-meter-distance seating arrangement too complicated.

Phoebe cast a glance at the study table. They could put another chair for him there.

"The table's too small for us both," he remarked like he read her mind.

She stared at his body and she realized that he was indeed too big for her cute study table.

"O-Okay, we'll do the session in the balcony," she finally decided, thinking that she had a table there whenever she liked to take her meals in the room.

"No, I'll decide where we sit," Evan insisted, pulling her. "That's the table we're going to use," he said, referring to the coffee table in the sala set.

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