Finally, Some Freedom and No Iv's

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Finally they came and took out my IV, if all went well I would be getting out of here in a few hours. Derek had to go take care of some business, but my parents were here. I heard them discussing me for the past hour but pretended to be napping. I wanted to know where their minds were before I let them know I was awake.

My mother seemed to blame herself for everything and I realized I needed to fix the issues with us soon. My father blamed my stubbornness and Derek. He was right. We both seemed to be stubborn, and though I believed he loved me I knew we still had so much to discuss.

I rolled over and faked a yawn, which only served to make me really yawn. My mother began tapping my father on the shoulder signaling I was awake.

“How are you feeling?” She asked me.

“I’m feeling good, much better actually. Has Derek come back yet?” I asked knowing the answer already.

“No, but I believe when he does you will be getting released.” My father said.

“Izzy, we should have been paying more attention to what was going on to you. This never would have got that far.” My mother said.

“Can we just move past this, I don’t want to talk about it okay?” I asked.

“Sure honey, your brother however may not be so easy to convince.” My mother said.

I sighed knowing my brother was most likely plotting against Derek, even if he knew he would lose. I needed to talk with him before Derek came back. I didn’t want them fighting over something that was my fault as well.

“Mom isn’t Matt going back today?” I Asked her.

“No he will be staying a day or two more.” She sighed.

“Look honey, I know this may not mean much now but I’m sorry I kept the truth from you. I was a cause of your pain and I’m not proud as your father.” He lowered his head, and I could tell her had waited a long time to tell me this.

“Dad, I am a difficult person, and I am not innocent either, many forget I started this when I tried to hide that I was his mate. I don’t blame you, and you need to stop blaming yourself too.” I said. I meant it, my father did keep the truth from me, but I am not mad at him, I really do want to put it all behind me.

“Thank you and I really do believe that Alpha Derek is going to make you happy. The two of you fell in love despite the mate bond, and in the end you got what you wanted.” He smiled.

“I’m sorry I doubted he was your mate. I should have listened to you, it’s just all these years you have said you didn’t want the bond, and I thought well I guess it doesn’t matter what I thought.” My mother said, she was crying and I felt bad.

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