As the afternoon went on I finally kicked Logan and his annoying friends out so I could have some peace and quiet before a big night, also telling Logan that he better not do anything stupid. The party came together really well once they left with no one to distract them. They had ordered a caterer to make food for us, and a DJ and even though I objected almost one hundred times, at eleven o’clock the stripper turned up and I was pushed to the middle of the room and sat on a chair as the man dressed in a really bad police man outfit gyrated against me. I will admit that I was rather intoxicated and I did enjoy it slightly and by the time people started leaving it was almost two thirty in the morning. I survived and that’s the main thing, hopefully Logan survived too. He was more enthusiastic about his party because it was a simple bar crawl.

I crawled in to bed just before three in the morning and was rudely awakened at four thirty when there was a loud bang downstairs. Oh great, Logan’s home. I got up, put a robe on and walked down stairs to see Logan, Lincoln and three of his friends walking in the door with two girls. Neither on the girls were on Lincoln or Logan so I breathed a sigh of relief but Logan was looking worse for wear. Why did he bring them home? He could have made them go home, couldn’t he?

“Heyyyyy babyyyyy!”  Logan slurred as he stumbled towards me.

“You’re drunk,” I grumbled with a stiff glare.

“I have to tell you something!” he said excitedly and I had to laugh- it was cute.

“Oh yeah? What’s that, Logan?” I asked. My annoyance was clear but he was so sloshed that he couldn’t see it.

“I got laid!”


“Oops.” And he fell to the floor. I pushed back the threatening tears and turned around, walking upstairs and slamming my door loudly making sure to lock it so he couldn’t come in. I knew this was a bad idea, ever since the morning before when he had started drinking at eleven. I knew it was a bad idea. I sniffed as I crawled back in to bed and fell in to an uneasy sleep.


“Go away!”

“Vi, just let me in so I can explain!” Logan begged as he banged on the door. I had not left the bedroom since I went back to bed. I didn’t need to, there was a bathroom and I was nowhere near hungry so there was so reason for me to leave the room.

“What’s there to explain, Logan? You went out, you got shit faced, and you slept with someone that wasn’t me  I was stupid enough to believe that you ever cared about me!” I yelled from the bed, pulling my knees up and resting my chin on them as the tears flowed steadily. I was truly upset about this because I thought he did care and that he would be faithful, not like when I first moved in at the apartment and he had different women every night. I thought he had changed.

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