I...I don't know

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((Your POV))

Holy shit..

What the fuck?

This ain't no jail. It's just a fucked up house with a lot of rooms, is Max's ex-girlfriend a kidnapper or something?

"Max?" I whispered, "Where the fuck are you?"

I heard nothing but silence until I heard what sounded like crying.

"Max..?" I asked a bit louder, walking closer to the crying

It was Max..

"(Y/n)? What are you doing here? You need to get out of here.." He said, wiping away his tears

"I'm not leaving without you," I replied

"And how are you supposed to even get me out of here?" he asked

I opened the door, which was unlocked, "There."

Max sat there in shock, "How did you do that?"

"People are stupid, Max" I replied

He smiled, and stood up and we ran out of there as fast as possible. We didn't even see Max's ex-girlfriend or anyone! It was easy! Except for the being pregnant part..

I looked over at Max who was-


Why the fuck is he bleeding?

"Max, are you bleeding?" I asked

He nodded


"I cut myself," He replied


"Everytime I see that bitch, I cut myself."

"Why?" I asked

He shrugged.

I sighed, "Just don't do it again, I want you to meet our child before you die."

He nodded, "Okay,"

((Gwen's POV))

I'm glad it was a miscarriage.

I hated Max anyway.

I know, I know. You're probably saying, "Wait, Miscarriage? Max and (Y/n) haven't even had the baby for more than a week!"

But I'm not talking about Max and (Y/n).

I'm talking about me and Max.

He's a fuck boy.. I'm glad I made him leave..

((Jin's POV))

Max's old girlfriend?
She's hot, I guess.
But so is (Y/n).

Do I like Gwen?
N to the
O to the

Fuck her.

((Alesa's POV))

"Alesa! Come on!" Adam yelled to me

"Why?" I asked, taking my headphones off

"We have to go!" He replied

"Where?" I asked

"Somewhere, " He replied

I sighed, "Adam, where are we going?"

"Lake. Swim. Come on!" He exclaimed

"How is (Y/n) gonna swim? Baby, remember?" I asked

"Who said she was coming? It's just gonna be you, Red, Ross, Jin, and me,"

"Why aren't Max and (Y/n) or Barney coming?" I asked

"Well, Max got arrested kinda, (Y/n) went to get him, and I honestly have no idea about Barney. But (Y/n) said she would try to come after she saves Max or something." Adam explained

I nodded. I had a feeling something was gonna happen to Max with Gwen being back and all. Hopefully Max and (Y/n) show up, even if (Y/n) can't swim exactly.

((Barney's POV))

"The lakes?" I asked

Red nodded, "Yep, Adam invited me, and pretty much everyone else. Didn't he invite you?"

"No," I replied

"You can come with me, as long as you leave Bikini Barney here." Red replied

I sigheds, "Okays, Okays."

((Ross' POV))

I looked around, I guess I was the first to show up.

I walked over to the lake and took off my shoes to feel the water, it was kinda warm, I guess.

I saw a figure in the water once I took my foot out of the water. It was a girl, that looked my age, had short blue hair, and a yellow rain coat.

I turned around and saw nothing. Was I seeing things or something?

Then Adam's car parked right next to mine and him and Alesa came out and walked over to me

"Hey Ross! What's up?" Adam asked

"I...I don't know," I replied

I'm sorry for the really long wait, but with everything going on Its hard to keep up.

1: I live at my Aunt's (Strict Aunt..) house

2: It's hard to write while doing self harm..



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