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Dear Everyone,

This book was written roughly during NaNoWriMo and then uploaded after. It was a quick job and there were many things that I missed. The book isn't the best and though I appreciate the 'criticism' that some of you offer I would honestly just like to ask you to stop commenting rude and disrespectful things. I've long ago stopped replying to comments just because I feel like most of you think I'm a major idiot.

I'm currently rewriting this book, changing everything basically, and that rewrite (In Predator Territory) will be up in the coming months. If you'd still like to read this draft, feel free, but please don't comment rude and disrespectful things because I already know about everything that is wrong with this book.

I love you all and I'd just like to ask you all to know that this is a draft, and I'm leaving it up so that I can see my own personal progress.

And without any adue, the blurb for the new version:

[ Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian Werewolf Story ]

The Orphaned Warrior and the Alpha's Lost Son;

When the war threatens to spill onto Bellator Lupos soil Rory Herriot finds herself stuck in the middle of the biggest battle of her life; a battle for her family, and for her heart. Enter Luchas Bellany, the Alpha's hot-headed son, and Wren Liston, the temperamental hussy. Together, the trio must work to save their pack, their territory and themselves. Through a surprising mate bond, a shocking betrayal and the reveal of many secrets, who knows if this story will have a happy ending.

"They always said their friendship was like steel, strong and unbreakable; but even the strongest of steel will bend when it meets fire."

Much love, Genevieve

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