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Mitch POV

"Mitch" Jammie's voice said walking into the kitchen. "I'm not gonna be here tomarrow ok"

"Ok" I say

"I have a bet for you and Jerome." she says

"Ok," I say "Jerome" I called

"Yeah" he says walking in

"Ok so Mitch you can't call Jerome anything, but he can call you pet names." she said "and if you go till midnight tonight Jerome has to work for you, if you lose you work for him." oh god. Jammie had to leave then and was gone for 5 days. I hope I don't lose.

"Hey baby" he says walking over to me.

"You won't get me to brake" I say

He lets out a chuckle, " I think you will"


Jerome has tried all day. but I haven't broke yet. I get up from my chair and walk to the door to get a drink. when I opened the door Jerome came in.

"Hey baby" he said

"Hi Jerome" I said

"Hey babe I need to do something" he says

"What?" I ask

"This" he pins me against the wall. he starts to air hump me and says in my ear "baby what do you say?" I stay quite. his body comes closer "how about know?" I stay qutie, he nibbles on my ear and his body closer "now?"

"STAP you sexy beast I give up!" I say he smiles

"You where so close 6 seconds" he says

"What are you gonna make me do?" I ask scared

"Don't worry and don't fight," he whispers. he picks me up and throws me on the bed. he pounces on me "hey baby" he says smiling. I'm scared because this wouldn't be Jerome's first time and it would be mine. he takes his phone out of his pocket and puts it on the night stand. "do you have your phone on you?" he asks

"Yes" I said worriely

"Hey don't worry," he says. he puts his hand in my front pocket. he rubs his hand around in my pocket. then grabs my phone "found it" he says putting it on the night stand. I must have had a worried face on because he said "are you sure your ready for me, for this?"

"Yes Jerome, I'm ready." I say

"I don't want you to rush yourself" he said I thought for a minute, I want this to happen. I nod. he smiles, "ok just get ready" he says. he removes my shirt and try's to find my sweet spot. when he does I moan. he smiles, and starts licking and biting at the spot.

I let out a moan "jjeeerrrrroooooommmmmmeee"

He doesn't do anything but continues to lick and bite. he stops and takes his shirt off, then his pants, and his boxers. "what, nothing for me?" he whispers. I take my pants off. "oh playing stubborn are we?" he whispers in my ear nibbling a little. "I like that" he whispers. and before I know it he yanks on my boxers causing them to come off. I blush. he sees my blush and touchs my um 'area' and I blush harder. " you like that baby?" he asks.

"Yeah" I say. then he starts kissing my face and neck all over. my bad side of me took over and kissed his chest and moved down. he moaned.



we lied there, Jerome turns to me and says "I love you Mitch"

"I love you to sexy" I say. I put my head on his chest and sleep.

Guys that was only day one of this slave work!

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