//Chapter two//

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'What the actual frick' I think as I finally broke free from the foggy plane of darkness and jagged pictures of god knows what, 'where the hell am I?' I slowly open my eyes, blinking groggily in the dim light.

"Well this certainly isn't my room," my voice is hoarse from thirst.

I go to sit up, only to find my hands and feet bound by a thick coil of rope, 'crap.' As I shuffle painfully into a sitting position, I become aware of the familiar rumble of a vehicle under me and feel the confusion fading into realisation as I remember what had happened before I'd been knocked out.

The word kidnapped swam around in my aching head as I glance around my dim surroundings, I'm in the back of some sort of vehicle, possibly a van.

My terror refreshes, I begin trembling as I try to figure out what was going on.

The word kidnapped resonates in my head yet again, I knew there was no doubt about it. The only question was why. What had I done? The only reassuring thing was that I could feel my father's old gemstone hanging around my neck with a comforting weight.

As these thoughts cloud my mind, I'm thrown to the side as the vehicle makes a sharp turn, the road beneath us grows bumpy.

My bruises flare painfully as I roll over the hard ground, but all I can think about is where they're taking me.

After some time, the vehicle turns another corner and the road smooths out and after what feels like an eternity, the vehicle finally pulls to a stop.

My heart races as I slump on the ground, my mouth felt dry from fear.

Closing my eyes, I pray they don't notice I'm awake.

The double doors swing open and grey light washes over me, I'm hauled out roughly and lifted by a pair of burly arms.

Cracking one eye open, all I see is woodland and grey skies surrounding a two-story farmhouse.

Apart from the nearly silent footsteps of my captors, the surrounding area was eerily silent as I'm carried towards the house. Not a single bird song or cicada chirp, a thick, musky woods smell hung around us with the salty hint of rain.

Ole scar whom I'm guessing is their leader knocks on the door as we reached it, it was answered by a thin, weedy looking man with a maniacal look in his hazel eyes.

He grinned, looking even more insane, "no such luck again eh boys, heh, maybe I'll do better," he broke into laughter.

'My, isn't he charming.'

"Shut it, Rayner, you can tell the boss we found her," scar growls.

The odd man blinked once, then twice before taking note of me laying limply the arms of one of the guys.

"Well, look here, haha, we found her. Wait 'til the boss see's this. Does she have the necklace on still?"

I feel a rough pair of hands pull my necklace out from where it had fallen under my T-shirt, I resist the urge to push him away. I keep my eyes shut, praying that they didn't notice me freeze.

"Just like we were told it would be like."

For a moment all I can hear is their breathing and my heart, then someone speaks in a rough tone.

"Careful, we don't know what that does, elven magick can be dangerous."

"Let's get her inside then, boss won't be happy if she wakes and tries somethin'"

We enter a mostly bare entry way, most of the men disperse, but ole' scar and the guy holding me stay.

"Carter, Carter ye lil' runt get ye ass in here now," scar shouts.

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