So I've decided that it's time to begin Poker Face! I hope that you enjoy it very much, and thank you for your lovely comments on the preview on Facebook, plus the comments from the blurb on the last post!

To your right is a photo of the four girls together, Sass, Brooke, Taîven and Kelsi.

This is a multiple POV book, this chapter is from Kelsi's POV, the next will be from Brooke's.

Enjoy! <3

~Immy ^^

Chapter One


“Well, this is unusual,” Taîven commented dryly.

“She’ll be here,” I sighed, checking my watch.

“Of course she will,” Brooke nodded confidently. Her faith in Sass was unbelievable sometimes.

“She’s probably just a bit gutted,” Taîven muttered in an undertone to me. I smirked.

“What’s the joke?” Brooke asked nosily.

“Nothing,” I said hastily, and checked my watch again. “I’ll kill her, when she gets here.”

Sass was late; it was hardly a rare occurrence. I couldn’t remember the last time she’d been on time for anything related to the band.

“It’s since Ridge left,” Brooke mused. “She’s been really…out of it.”

I smiled to myself wearily; Brooke could be very dense sometimes. Sass turned up late to every band meeting and interview purposefully, because she wanted to make Brooke notice her more.

“Is she here yet?” Sage, our manager, asked.

I sighed. “No.”

Sage groaned and took out his phone. “Brilliant interview when the pretty face isn’t here. No offence, girls.”

“Offence taken,” I joked, but he knew I was just joshing. We were all well aware that although we looked pretty, Sass was the truly stunning one. She had caramel-coloured hair bound tightly into corkscrew curls, and huge topaz eyes that seemed to burn intensely. She was my older sister, but there was no doubting that she was the beautiful one. I wasn’t hideous; I had long dark hair and big green eyes but I was commonly referred to as ‘cute’ rather than ‘beautiful’. Sass on the other hand, was never anything but magnificently stunning. The camera loved her and Taîven, but Brooke and I were perfectly happy to be in the background behind them. Brooke liked to blend because her partner hated any publicity. I like to blend because…well, because I like to blend. I never had been any good with crowds, or screaming fans.

“I’m here!”

We all groaned as Sass turned the corner, her hair bouncing energetically around her shoulders. She seemed out of breath, and although she looked slightly dishevelled she still looked better than all three of us put together.

“Took your time,” I sighed.

Sass threw her arms around me. “You love me, really.”

I smiled. “Yeah, true.”

I did; I loved Sass more than anyone else in my life. Sure, she was prettier and more talented than me, but I’d never resented her for it. I trusted her with everything. Well. Nearly everything.

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