Chapter 3

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Machine Gun Kelly

"why the fuck I agree to go with you to New York????" Ace asked in dramatic tone.

"If you're done being dramatic, can you take this suitcases to our car ?" I asked sarcastically making him rolled his eyes. Weston chuckled. Travis ? Well he is only watching. Travis has changed a lot. I wondering why ?

"I really want to meet this girl Selene " Weston said. I glared at him. "Woahhh I mean your angel" Weston defended. I took my suitcase and dropped them in the back of my car.

"Damn who's car is this ? This is so old almost older than my grandfather , what the fuck" Ace complained again. "Bitch please shut up before I send you to California again " I glared at him. He quickly looked away and brought his own suitcase.

You might wonder why he is afraid of California ? Well let's say he killed someone important and that's makes him the most wanted men in California. I smiled when I saw Travis and Ace got in the car in the front and Weston sat beside me in driver's seat.

"Remind me again, why I am the one always drive ?" Weston asked in annoyance. I chuckled. "Because you're the one who obsessed with fast and furious" I playfully said.

He rubbed his face in annoyance but didnt say anything.

"We need to meet John and Sam in the hotel first then we head to my girl's place" I said.

"Do you think she still want you?" Weston asked. There is no playful tone in his voice. "Well she is mine so she doesnt have any choice" I shrugged.

I heard Weston Laughed.

When we reached the hotel its already four pm. New York is a busy town but the hotel we're about to meet is two hours travel from the airport.

John and Sam sitting in the corner of the cafetaria of the hotel or should I say motel. I scoffed at that.  Me and Travis got out from the car to meet them. I need Ace and Weston to watch around me.

"Thought you said hotel" I sarcastically said to them. They look at each other then smiled. "Yeah they don't have hotel around here only motel. Its a small town" John said. I nodded and sat down. Travis stood still beside me.

"Do you want to order first ?" Sam asked.

I glared at him. "Cut the crap. I am here to bring back my woman" I snapped. Both flinched and quickly gave me pictures and file that filled with information about Selene.

"She's working in the bookstore. Living with Carson's family. She doesn't date anyone but Carson's only son like her a lot" John said.

I scoffed. "Are they dating ? Is she like him ?" I asked in demanded tone. I hate when someone want what's mine. "No. I guess Selene doesn't feel the same way about him" Sam said.

That's sound like my woman. She never go cheap like other bitch. I just hope she would forgive me and let me sleep with her again. I grinned at the thought of that.

I checked the pictures and yes that's my Selene. She still looking beautiful as ever. Her hair is longer and her face is still innocent. Her tan skin though. Damn!!!! I wish I could see her now.

"Where is she ?" I asked.

"She is at home. I paid two guys to follow her in case she run away again" John said. "Smart" I smiled to him and patted his head. He looked uncomfortable but fuck that. They're all my pet. Haha!! They will do whatever I want as long as I give them money.

"I am going" I said as I stood up and left without glance at John and Sam. Both are good for their job.


"You sure this one ?" I asked Travis. He nodded and said "that's exactly the address ,boss".

I looked curiously at the house thats been keeping my woman safe for the last two years. I hope the owner treat her good. If not then I would like to kill them.

"This is the address that Sam gave me, boss" Weston said. I brought Weston and Travis with me and left Ace in the hotel. I used to be friends with a gang leader around here so I only called him and I am free to roam around new York city.

"Who knows she will choose this place ? This is very small town" Weston muttered. I agreed on that though. This is why I can't find her. I've been looking for her anywhere but never this town.

I opened the car door with Weston and Travis beside me. We knocked the door three times until the door opened. A young man look like about twenty opened the door in confusion. "Who are you ?" He asked.

This must be Dylan, i thought.

I pulled out my gun and aimed it at him. "Let me in or I'll blow your fucking mind" I said in stern voice. He put both of his hands up in surrender. I pushed passed him.

"Nice house" I muttered.

The old couple was there sitting in the dining room with shock expression when they saw me. "Well hello to you too" I said in bored tone.

"Dylan, who are they ?" The old man asked his son. Dylan only shrugged but he still watching my movement. "Cut the crap, where is Selene ?" Weston asked impatiently.

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