The Romantic Getaway

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You and Justin decided to go away for a while. He needed to get away from the Paparazzi and you just needed to get away.You and Justin are heading to the beach.As you guys are in the car Justin seams kinda ancy.

You've reached the beach.The salty air blows your dark brown hair. Justin Grabs the blanket and candles. Once Justin has everything has all the things set up you guys sit down together. The sun is setting now . Justin and you are silents as a grin comes across his face as he sits up beside you . The view is beautiful with the candle and the blanket and the empty beach. Justin reaches in his pocket and pulls out a little purple box. You look up from staring at the box. He opens the box and says "Will you Marry Me?"Your hand finds its way across your mouth and a tear escapes your eye. "Yes.Yes i will Marry you!!" You say as he kisses you. He slides the ring onto your hand. he once again plants a kiss on your lips.You fall asleep in his arms on the beach that night.

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