“That’s why you don’t sleep much, isn’t it?” I ask. He dully nods his head.


 “So anyway, back to your family, how old were your siblings when you left?”

 “I was the middle child out of seven.”

 “Seven children?!” I ask.


 “So who was your sister that could play this song?” I ask.

 “Claudia. Claudia was my older sister. I had two older brothers and one older sister. The three younger than me were two boys and one girl.”

 “What were their names?”

 “The two older than Claudia were Vernardo and Christopher.  Then it was Jennifer, Dairen and Milo.” He says. I smile.

 “Did you spend a lot of time with your siblings before you left?” 

 “Yes.” He says. Then I think of something.

 “If you just left one day, how is it that it was ok to visit Gregorio?” I ask. I see Felix stiffen, but he laughs.

 “Gregorio was the only one allowed to visit me while I trained.”

 I gasp. “So you mean all this time he has known about us? About…”


 “Why didn’t you tell me, Felix?!”

 “I could have, but I try not to think about those times.” He says.

 “Oh, it’s a touchy subject, huh?”

 “He was the only one from my family to visit me. He was the one who updated me on everything outside of Fambrigde. When I hear that my mother had left the country, I was ready to come back here to use my abilities on my father. How dare he be so mean to them that they leave?”

 “Did you ever get to see them after you left?” I ask.

 “No, I only had one picture of them that Gregorio brought to me. And even that painting was when they were younger. I probably wouldn’t recognize them if I saw them.”

 “Felix, did you think of them when you went to England to get me after my father was killed?” I ask. The face he makes tells me he did. “Did you think about trying to find them?”

 “It crossed my mind, but there were more important things to do.” Felix says with a smile. I smile too, but it makes me sad that he went through all that.

 “Felix, when I was knocked out when I saw my father dead, did you do that?” I ask. Felix laughs.

 “Yes, and believe me it was completely accidental!” He says.

 “Really? What happened?” I ask interestedly.

 “I ran up to the room you were in and the maid didn’t know who I was so she tried to stop me from coming in. So when I tried to get passed her she was going to alert you, but I stopped her by pushing passed her so fast she knocked over to you and your heads hit. That’s when you passed out.” He says. I laugh.

 “That’s all? I thought I was hit with a book or chair.” I say.

 “No, when you came into the parliament room and that man hit you, he did it with a book.” He says.

 “Oh… Felix, can I ask you one more thing?”

 “You could ask me a million questions my love.” He says.

 “I feel the baby growing. Really, I do. How is that?” I ask. Inside me, I feel this…strength.

 “It could be that it is going to be the first born and it is forming its powers. Oh, I forgot to tell you something that Ashland wrote.” He says.


 “She said you might feel pain worse than you ever have felt because the child forming its powers.”

 “Oh… would it be anything like… what you felt?” I ask. Felix shakes his head.

 “I have no idea. But if it is, I will be right here beside you and will never leave your side. But I pray you will not have the same pain as I did. It is my job to keep pain away, and if I am the one that… helped in any way to give you that pain…” He says. I stand from the piano bench and sit by him. I wrap my arms around him.

 “But I can handle it. I definitely would rather have the pain of life than the pain of losing. Losing the baby would do more pain than the other.” I say.

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