After dinner we go to the parlor. When we first arrived here, Felix surprised me with a grand piano like Frances has. I sit at the piano and play a pretty song.

 “I honestly never knew you could play piano.” He says. I laugh.

 “Do you have a favorite song? I will play it for you.” I say.

 “I do, actually. D you know Clair de Lune?” He asks.

 “I do.” I say. I stop the song I was playing and play Clair de Lune.

 “I like this song… my sister used to play it.” He says. That surprises me.

 “Your sister… you've never told me about her.” I say.

 “I know; nor the rest of my family for that matter.” He says numbly. Instead of saying something, I just wait to see if he says something. When he doesn’t, my curiosity gets the better of me.

 “What was she like?” I ask.

 “Pretty.” He says. I chuckle.

 “So it wasn’t just you who got the dashing good looks, huh?” He laughs.

 “No, but the looks came from my mother, that’s for sure. My father isn’t all that attractive. Though his money makes him well in society, or at least used too.” He says.

 “Oh? What happened?”

 “To tell you the truth, I don’t know that much about it. I left for training when I was twelve.”

 “But you were updated about your family, right?”

 “Yes, but I didn’t get to see them, of course. The last I heard of my mother and brothers and sisters was that they fled to England.”

 “And what of your father, have you heard anything about him?” I ask.

 “The last I heard of him he was an old drunk with a lot f money…and alone. He was the reason my family left here. He was horrible to them.”

 “I am sorry Felix.” I say. Then I wait a minute before adding, “Can I ask you something?”


 “What made you leave to train for me?” I ask. He chuckles.

 “I knew you were going to ask that one of these days.”

 “Ok…so what made you?”

 “I was chosen.”

 “By who?”

 “Parliament, I guess.”

 “And how were they able to take you? They couldn’t possibly just take you.” I say. Felix smiles as he looks at me.

 “They sort of did. I guess my family issues helped. With my father not caring for our family, he let me go. My mother tried to talk him out of it, but since he was the man he made all the decisions.”

 “So you learned all the powers and all the other odds and inns that quickly? But if you were just a normal person, how were you able to get the ability of powers?”

 “The council has ways.” He says. That says so much because I know it is true.

 “Yes but how?”

 “They gave me the ability.”

 “How?” I ask curiously.

 “They laid me down and strapped me to the table I was on. All of them stood around me and closed their eyes. When they opened them, it only took half a minute until I began to feel something. I still feel the pain. The pain was so bad, it made me want to sleep, but it put a fear inside me; a fear that still haunts me.”

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