My first day

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Y/n P.O.V
I woke up from a dream about a wonderful boy that was strong and kind. It was the first day of my first year in high school. I was scared. I had been bullied in middle school but my mom refused to homeschool me. She was too busy and my dad was abusive. I got ready and headed to school. I arrived at school and was ignored by everyone. I went to my home room. I saw many people but all of them didn't see me. I was lonely but I went through the day calmly until lunch.
??? P.O.V
I saw a little baby walking around my halls. It was time for lunch and I wanted money to get what I wanted. I went up to her. "Hey trash give me your money!" She looked at me and then said nothing. "Fine I'll just take it!" She just stood there. I ran up to her and threw her on the ground. I continued to kick her in the stomach until she finally gave up her money or should I say I took it when she pasted out from coughing up blood. My cousin Lilly saw and said "Nice job Ivy!"
Arron's P.O.V
I saw a girl passed out in the hall with blood coming from her mouth. I ran over to her. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the nurse's office.
Y/n P.O.V
I woke up to see the nurse. She was looking at me with concerned eyes. The last thing I remember was getting kicked in the stomach. "Well thank you Aaron if you wish to stay you can because she may need help, I can't contact her parents because they won't answer." She said. A boy that looked like the one from my dream came over and said. "You have a huge bruise on your stomach." I looked now to see that the nurse had my shirt pulled up to reveal a huge bruise covering my whole stomach. I could still feel pain but I chose not to show it. Nobody cared if I was hurt at home so I chose not to care anymore. "I'll help you get around." The boy said. "I have had your schedule changed so you will have a class with Aaron every period." The nurse said. I sat silent. She gave Aaron and me late passes and Aaron helped me get to my class for after lunch. I had to keep my shirt tied up so it wouldn't hurt the bruise so everyone saw it. I felt ashamed for some reason. Me and Aaron went to werewolf class. He sat next to a girl with a black braid and brown eyes. While I sat next to a scary guy with red eyes he said his name was Baltoe.
Time skip to after school
I was about to leave when Baltoe came up to me and said "Hey brat do my homework." He threw books at me and one hit my bruise. I fell and coughed up more blood. Aaron then ran over and punched Baltoe. I just laid on the ground crying. He ran to me and wiped away my tears. "Hey, it's ok." He said.
Aaron's P.O.V
Y/n I think her name was was now crying. I wiped away her tears and told her she was ok. She just looked down. I looked at her and felt sad. She had a terribly sad aura. "I'll walk you home." I said. When we got to her house she walked to the door. "Get in this house right now you little baby!" I heard someone that sounded like a man yell. I felt mad. She had a rough life. I wonder how she feels.

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