Chapter 2

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"You have everything packed, right, sweetie?" my mother called up the stairs. I quickly yanked my last pair of fancy patterned underwear out of my drawer, and threw it into my suitcase. I zipped the zipper up, almost ripping it off, and pulled it off of my bed.

"Yeah!" I called back and sprinted down the many stairs that separated me with my other vacation bags. The suitcase made an ear-splitting clunk with each step it went down. I added it to the other two bags I had packed. Yes, I had three bags for a four week trip. That is why I hated packing, I pack too much! My mom took one bag and hauled it out to our deep silver Volvo.

"You don't need to bring everything, Camilla!" Kayla whined behind me. I scoffed. Her cute grin turned into a puzzled frown, she looked like a confused puppy dog. I got down on both of my knee's, almost eye to eye with her.

"When you turn sixteen and try packing for a trip, you'll understand why you do need to bring everything." She rolled her eyes and skipped out to the car. Rolling my eyes, I stood up and followed her outside. I took a look back at the tiny, white home that I would be living without for a month. Something panged in my chest. I was going to miss home. The last vacation I went on was with my mother and sister, and we were only an hour away from home. I didn't know how I would handle it this time. Especially being with the man who left me when I needed him, the man I loved, the man I thought loved me back.

"Camilla!" my mom honked the car horn, "Twenty minutes!" I pulled my bags up to my waist and threw them into the open trunk. I took one last look at my house, and sat into the backseat of the car. Wow, I didn't know if I was actually that sad, or if Mother Nature was dropping off a part of her monthly gift because the stinging sensation of tears was burning up in my eyes. I sniffled, looked down at my lap, and felt a light tap on my shoulder.

"Holy crap, Kai!" I practically screamed. His creepy, wide grin grew bigger when he saw the bewildered and annoyed expression on my face. "I though we were meeting you there!"

"Sorry!" Kai held his hands up in surrender. He gave me a tight squeeze on the shoulders. "I wanted to spend as much time with you as I could before you leave me for the summer." Kai gave me a pouting look. His sparkling blue eyes were almost impossible to resist.

"Sorry." I mouthed.

"Don't blame him blame me," my mom began, "I thought it would be a nice idea!" Yeah, I guess it would be nice to have him there. Kai was my absolute best friend, ever since September 7th, 2002, the first day of grade one. We sat beside each other, and always played with each other. We connected immediately!  Ever since then we've been inseparable.

"It's okay."


"Alright, I'll call you every night okay? Make sure you pick up! I'm going to miss you!" my mother looked like she was going to burst into tears.

"Don't worry mom, I will!" I was never good at goodbye's. I gave her a tight hug and a light kiss on the cheek.

I bent over and picked up Kayla in a tight bear hug. "Now, you'll take care of mommy for me, right?" Kayla nodded, smiling widely. "Good." She gave me a light peck on the cheek while I set her down. Her Barbie sneakers lit up as her tiny feet met the floor.

"Alright, where's my hug, miss?" Kai stretched his arms out wide. I couldn't help but smile. The smell of cologne lingered in my nostrils even when I pulled away. I took a hold of my carry-on, when my mother ran and pulled me into another tight hug.

"Ugh!" I cried in shock.

"I-i'm sorry," she said between jagged breaths. "I'll be okay. Have fun sweetie."

I laughed "I will!" I tried to sound like I actually meant it.

"All passengers taking the 3:10 flight to Miami, Florida, the plane is now boarding." said a nasally, British female.

(A/N: I've never been in an airport or on a plane before! Sorry if that's totally off!)

"Alright! I'll talk to you guys soon!" I said.

"Bye Camilly!"

"See you, Camilla."

"Bye sweetheart."

Oh, how I'm going to miss them.


"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We shall be arriving in Miami, Florida in approximately two hours-" I cut off the man's voice with my over-sized ear-buds, and blasted an upbeat Ke$ha song. Oh Ke$ha, she reminded me of Kayla.

Kayla is an angel. I love her with all my heart. She's sort of my best friend, minus Kai. She doesn't really remember Dad. She was only a few months old when he left us. It's sad when I think about it, not having a caring dad to be there for her, watch her grow, love her.

That's why it was only me visiting. However, I don't really know why my mother wasn't coming. Weird.

I stared out the window and watched as the busy city of Jacksonville slowly fade away. The song on my iPod turned to a slower, relaxing song. The steady beat and slight hum of the plane made me shut my eyes and fall into a steady, deep, sleep.


"Excuse me? Miss? Wake up!" I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I jolted up so hard I swear I shook the whole plane. "What the f-" a young flight attendant was looking at me straight in the eye, "udge?".

The guy chuckled. "It's okay. The plane has landed and everyone has left."

"Oh, uh, alright. I'll just leave now." I stuttered. He handed me my carry-on and I quickly ran off the plane.

A big burst of Miami air hit me in the face. It smelled of...ocean. The sun was big, bright, and beautiful, almost like home. I struggled my way through the large airport, found my bags, and finally made my way out to the front. Taxi's were pulled up to the curb, just waiting for people to enter. I found one, and threw my bags in the back.

"Where to, ma'am?" the taxi driver asked. I struggled to pull a piece of paper out of my pocket.

"349, Westminister Road?" He nodded and began driving. My palms were sweaty. I was getting more and more nervous the closer we got to his house. What is he going to say? What is he going to do? Before I knew it, we were there. I froze in my seat.

"Ma'am? We're here. Would you like some help?"

"Oh, no thanks."

"Alright. $38.99, please." I handed him the cash and got out of the car with my bags. The wheels screeched slightly as the driver drove down the long road. The houses were all similar. Two storey, tiny gardens, picket fences. Ugh, too...preppy for my liking. An old "For Sale" sign with a big "Sold" sticker plastered on it was placed on the lawn beside. Great.

I slowly walked up to the front door. My heart was pounding in my chest. I could hear faint voices coming from a television inside the house.

I lightly knocked on the door. Holy crap. I heard footsteps, getting louder and louder. The door opened.


Not one word left my lips.

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