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Pen Your Pride

You're Secretly Dating

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Ross: You were best friends with Rydel, and secretly in love with Ross. You both had decided to wait and tell her, because you didn’t want to make anything weird. She invited you over today, and Ross kept stealing glances your way. You shot him a smile back, giving him flirty eyes. “(y/n)? Do you like this one?” she asked, snapping you out of your trance. You nodded, excusing yourself to go to the bathroom. Ross soon followed, and you were both alone. You kissed him passionately, trying to speed things up a bit. When you were done, you walked downstairs alone, Rydel waiting impatiently for you. She still couldn’t figure out why you were smiling so much. 

Riker: You both had been long time friends, and both of your families always knew you were going to eventually be together. Lately, you and Riker had moved on to something more than friends; a relationship. You didn’t want to admit your family was right, mainly because you told them all these years that you were just friends. “Can’t we just tell them already? We’ve waited long enough,” he stated, walking up to his front door. “Not yet! Be patient Lynch,” you said, putting a smile on your face. You walked in pretending everything was normal, carrying on as usual. It was so hard to keep a secret, especially since you wanted to reach across the table and kiss his amazing lips.

Rocky: You and Rocky had been dating for about two months, and you would’ve told everyone, except for the fact that Ryland like you too. You were friends with Ry, and you didn’t want to upset him, but then again, you wanted to be with Rocky. You couldn’t say anything, you you kept up like nothing was wrong. Because Ryland didn’t know, he still flirted with you, which made Rocky upset too. He excused himself to the bathroom, leaving you and Rocky by yourselves. “Oh my god… That was so weird! What do we do? Oh I don’t want to hurt him though,” you whined. “Well I don’t like him hitting on you, so it’s either you hurt him or me,” he stated matter of factly. Ryland busted in at the same time, “You’re dating him?!” he said pointing to his brother. “Oops,” you mumbled. 

Ratliff: All of the lynches and Ell’s family knew you were dating. You had been friends with Rydel for awhile, so the fans just thought it was normal that you went everywhere with them. You saw some hate on the internet, and decided it was just best to keep things hidden from the rest of the world. When ever you went into public with R5, you would stay away from Ellington, clinging to Rydel’s side. When you were all left alone, you took this as your chance to kiss, and hold hands. You liked things better that way, just you and him and the people close to you. “This whole secret relationship thing could be kinda fun,” you giggled, wrapping your hands around his waist. “Very,” he said, kissing you. 

Ryland: Ross was the only one who knew about you and Ryland. You actually weren’t going to tell anyone, but he walked in on the two of you one day, so you were forced to spill your guts. You had a hard time keeping him quiet though… He never did it on purpose, things just kinda exploded without a second thought. “Ross, I swear if you tell anyone, I’ll kick your ass,” he teased. “Okay okay! I’ll be good! I promise!” he said defensively, holding his hands up. You walked in, spotting the rest of his family sitting nearby. You of course sat by Ryland, and he sat by Ross. Every time you laughed at a joke of his, Ross would look over smiling at the two of you. You gave him a glare, and he just chuckled, looking down. 

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