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Pen Your Pride

Oswald Cobblepot (Dark)

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Here comes the dark stuff - you've been warned!
Warnings: knife, blood, murder, cannibalism
Synopsis: Oswald comes back to you and well,... read it for yourself.

On a Thursday evening it suddenly knocked on the door. The unexpected noise startled you, you nearly dropped a soapy plate - you were doing dishes. Quickly you dried your hands with a cloth, took your apron off and peered through the spyhole. The first thing you saw was a bouquet of tulips and the second a pair of greenish-blue eyes that gazed back at you.
"Oswald!" You stammered half in disbelief and half in pure joy. 4 months had passed by since he vanished from your side. Without a second thought, you opened the door and rushed towards Oswald, embracing him tightly. His composure was stiff, he had his right hand in the pocket of his coat and dropped the tulips, visible surprised by your overwhelming greeting.
"Can I come in?" He asked with a deep voice, one eyebrow raised.
"Of course, you can! Please step inside!" You answered happily - still amazed to see him back here in front of you, life and in flesh. "Are these for me?" you took the bouquet "How thoughtful of you!" wandered in your kitchen, filled a vase with water, in which you placed the flowers.
You felt Oswald's presence behind you whilst you arranged the individual tulips.
He put his left arm around your waist tightly - a little too tightly for your taste. As you tried to turn your head around, you saw the flashing reflection of the jack-knife Oswald was holding and now pressing against your throat.
"Osw..." You yelped angstily, he pressed the blade harder against your skin, lines of dark red blood streamed down your neck, your hands rushing upwards to stop the red body fluid.
"Why?" You squealed in horror, not able to get your sticky bloody fingers between the knife and your throat.
"Why?" he breathed and inhaled the delicious mixture of blood and your personal scent deeply "Because I can!" he licked over your cheek "Hmmm so tasty - you should have known that no pet can fully be tamed!"
The fear was written all over your face, cold sweat formed on your whole body, little droplets uniting into small lines of helplessness.
Is that it? Is this how everything ends?
You struggled, trying to push the lunatic away from you or scratch him, bite him, hurt him, basically anything to wind yourself out of this situation.
"Shhhh... it'll be over soon my dear." He whispered in your ear, your neck hair raised.
"But I'll promise to honor your death to the fullest." He wettened his lips in anticipation and penetrated the knife deeper into your throat. The red streams grew to red rivers, running down your body, polluting your white kitchen tiles. Your head felt dizzy and sleepy at the same time, it was hard to gather any thoughts... just one little notion accumulated in your brain.
At least I won't die alone.
Every breath you took was getting more and more difficult, your vision was long gone, only leaving the feeling of a warm and strong arm wrapped around your waist. Your heartbeat stopped, your remains sagged.
Oswald carefully guarded your body down and examined the beautiful picture of your pale skin and lifeless eyes in contrast to the strong colors of red, that framed your statue and stained your clothes. You were so perfect, your lips slightly parted like you wanted to tell him tender words of goodbye. He would always keep this impression in his memories.
What part should he choose? Which part of your exquisite body should he devour? There could be only one answer. Gently he opened your blouse and cut your bra open, slicing through layers of skin, muscles and bones to free your spiritless heart. Diligently he put it in his hand and eyeballed every little vene. Should he cook it? No - it would be a waste, he wanted to taste you plain and raw, nothing to cover your innerself.
The raven haired man sat at your kitchen table, sipping a mouthful of the red wine he found at your supply cabinet and indulged himself with the last bit of your heart. A decision formed itself as he cleaned his mouth with a napkin. Never would he eat human flesh again. Most people weren't worth it to run through his system anyway, and you would always be special to him. How could anyone ever top your sweet and tingling aftertaste? Simply no one, so why should he try?
If you read this far, a little piece of advice: Never ever under no circumstances let a foreign man into your home (and heart). No matter how helpless and harmless he may seem! If you find someone, who's hurt and unconscious call an ambulance or the police, that's the right thing to do and puts you at no risk!

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