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Max picked me up and carried me inside. I didn't protest much as I was still in shock. Once insideMax sat me down gently on the couch.

I couldn't help but blame myself. If  I was out there it would have been me and not him missing, then I remembered the life growing inside of me.

"Izzy, listen you are the only one who may be able to find him. Many of us turn of mind links during fights to keep out all the thoughts of others and concentrate, but Derek would never fully cut your connection with him off."

I tried to calm myself and send out feelers for Derek but found nothing. I began to panic but felt a little hand in mine. I looked down and seen the face of the little girl who likely lost her mother. Her green eyes looked up at me from between her disheveled blonde hair I smiled softly at her finding a little strength in her bravery.

"Max the little girl did her mother make it?" I linked him.

"She is in critical care Izzy. She lives but probably no for long"

"This little girl saw her mother and knows something bad happened," I told him

"I know, and once we get her more settled we will deal with that. She knows the doctors are working hard on her mother" I wasn't sure when they told her, perhaps when I was spaced out in shock.

Here she was after watching her mother practically die before her eyes and she was comforting me. I pulled her to me and held her in my arms. I still didn't know her name, but she was brave.

I was torn I had this little girl who needed me as much as I did her and the need and urge to look for Derek.

"Alpha we found a trail" One of Max's pack members came in startling me. They had tobe talking about Derek.

"Where does it lead?" Max asked.

"Down off the edge of Lodensbury's creek, then it cuts off. We got a team checking the creek now for any signs of his body,"

"His body? You have given up already on him? Derek isn't just any were he is the most powerful and didn't go down without a fight. If his body was to be there you would surely know it. There would be other bodies in his wake,"

"No one can connect with him Ma'am, surely as his mate you would have located him by now," the young pup said bowing to me.

"Well with that same logic if he was dead I'd know it too," I snapped back.

I mind linked a few of our pack members to check on the status and was thankful to find all of them survived. Brad was sure he lived and said his trail is near the creek but Derek's magic is present in the air as well. We agreed to meet in a half hour. It would give me the chance to get an update on the girls mother and see about any other family members she may be comfortable with.

"I'm gonna go grab us some hot cocoa," I told the little girl. She hesitated but slid down onto the couch next to me nodding her head.

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