Chapter 34: Overcoming and Reviving

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She felt different, her limbs were not her own, she could see but not clearly. The world had a filter of grey around it, everything so dark and gloomy. She hated it. Deigil detested the dark, living in it for so long made her fear it, only yearning for the light. Yet here she was again, trapped in her own darkness, unable to get out. She could see, but her movements, and her voice were not her own. She didn't know how to stop it, she was trapped. It was just like the past time, the pain of it sucking away at her soul, at her true being. She'd been ten when her mother tried to train her using her full powers, and then is when she lost control completely, having to be reserected by her mother. She knew what death was like, because she had experienced it before. A Shadowmount is always born with a past life, or sometimes many, but she had none. The royal family were the only pure shadwoumounts. We had no past lives, something to warn us to not do something. She'd always wondered what it felt like to be one with a past life, did they experience dreams from their past lived? It was a reason she hated death, she knew how it felt to die, and no one deserved it. After she was once again alive, the necklace had been given to her, the necklace that contained all of her powers. Even though it was only a small fraction of her mother's powers, she was still more powerful than three of the queens and anyone under their power.

"Power, power, you have it my sweet child, use it and take over this wretched world. Come back to your kingdom only after you have conquered the world."

Who? She felt a jolt of something before she only saw black, then a lady sitting on a throne. There were two children bowing at the feet of her, both looking to be younger than eleven. She watched and noticed the woman on the throne was speaking, the minute she realized it sound was brought to her ears.

"You are to be the queen of the world some day daughter, you need to let your magic accept you. Can you do that? Or are you still the weak little girl I did NOT raise." The little girl's black hair covered her eyes, they were filled with fear she knew all too well. Beside her the little boy looked worried as well, although he did not show it as much. "Well?"

"I...I can't, I'm sorry mother." Those words sent the world rattling, she had felt the sensation a thousand times, the rumbling ground. She saw the woman's rage grow as the darkness around her got darker and grew, it swept up and brought her to the throne, plopping her onto her mother's lap. The woman stroked the girl's dark hair, and said in a deep low voice.

"Oh my poor daughter can't possibly be that weak, can she? What would happen to her if she did not keep tying and succeed? Maybe she would join her cousins bellow me." Glancing down in terror the girl saw the largest pile of bones and skulls bellow the woman's throne. Bones of people she both knew and watched die. "Or shall I place your brother down there too? I'm sure your father would be pleased to have more children, I would however like to keep you. You are such a pretty one." The woman grabbed the child by the chin and smiled wrongfully at the little girl, she was still trembling. The memory of this, why was it coming up now? Why would her brain bring it up now?

"You've finally awoken, my Mortem Flos. You can take this world, for all it has taken from you. You can obtain it from my.. from her. DO IT!"

What was that? Who was speaking to her? The memory went on and she remembered it all, the crying afterwards too, and when her brother comforted her. He always was so protective, he was a year older than her, and yet he was so brave in front of their mother. When all she could manage was to not pee her pants. A new memory popped up, it was just her and her brother when she was eighteen, right before the Sky and Sword War.

"What's wrong with you lately? You've been pushing yourself so hard I can see it from a mile away," he asked, she shrugged off the comment and continued writing in her journal before her. It was a good day that day, Eredhelil had used some of her light magic to create a gorgeous sun for her, when there really wasn't one.

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