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Jack P.O.V

It's one thing to be beaten into a bloody pulp by your big sister's boyfriend. Jack could handle the physical beating, like sure it hurt like a bitch and landed him in hospital, but at least the pain could be taken away with painkillers and, on the very rare occasion, alcohol.

One thing Jack certainly couldn't handle was being stuck sitting around the dinner table and making friendly conversation with said boyfriend while his sister listened with a warm smile on her face at how they were getting along.

It just felt like he'd been kicked down and now this bastard was rubbing the dirt in his face.

"So Jack, how was school?" Jason had asked, his features holding none of the rage they had the night before, instead a polite curiosity that made Jack's blood boil.

"Good." Jack answered shortly, hoping to finish his food and leave as soon as possible. He couldn't stand this.

The blond nodded, his expression becoming fixed like his lips had been pinned into the thin smile they held. Then all of a sudden he spoke again. "What happened that arm of yours, Jackaboy?" He asked slyly, his eyes narrowed and waiting for the boy's response.

Jack could see the challenge there, daring him to tell the truth, but one glance at his sister immediately made him banish even the thought.

Megan's blue eyes weren't looking at her brother, instead they were fixed on Jason, wide as the dinner plates they were eating off and full of love and adoration for the blonde. If Jack wasn't careful he might be sick.

He knew that he couldn't tell anyone what really happened. Megan was happy for the first time in years and if she ended up getting sick again just because he couldn't take a little bit of a hit he would never forgive himself. She'd fought tooth and nail to get everything she had today, she had worked hard enough to buy her own apartment, let her boyfriend move in, start a brand new life, and when Jack was in trouble she helped him when no one else would.

How could he take all that away from her? It would be so selfish.

"I just fell down the stairs, no need to worry." Jack said in a voice faker than Jason's following expression of sympathy.

"Ouch! That must've hurt!" He winced making Jack's fists clench and then release as he tried to fight his anger down.

Suddenly Megan's light laughter filled the room. "Oh my god, Jack! You're such a klutz!" She chuckled happily, slapping his good arm playfully. Her accent had died down the longer she stayed in America, by now it was almost none existent, only a tiny lilt in her words showing off her true heritage.

The green haired boy pulled off a smile and a chuckle of his own. Sometimes he considered going into the acting profession, he was getting far too good at this kind of thing for his liking.

"Hey, do you guys want any pudding? I've got cookies." Megan asked, pointing a finger at the tempting plate of sweet treats on the kitchen counter. Jack looked down at his half finished dinner and felt his stomach lurch uncomfortably.

"Nah, I'm alright." He said quietly, standing up from the table and preparing to leave when a large hand grabbed his wrist making him freeze completely in place.

"Where do you think you're going, Champ?"Jason asked, faux-innocence practically dripping from the words. "Meg's been making this dinner all evening, aren't you gonna say thanks?"

Jack locked eyes with the blonde haired man but by the way his eyes narrowed and the way his hand tightened, leaving what Jack knew would be a bruise the green haired boy knew his defiance was showing. He couldn't even find it in himself to care.

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