chapter 30

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perries p.o.v

Here we go again. Monday morning . all week all i wanted to do was go and crawl into a whole. jades voice was still ringing in my mind from when i told her we're over.

I shut my eyes briefly before breathing out. It wasnt destine to happen Perrie. My mind told me. And for once i agreed. Jade and I weren't exactly that secretive about this.

I mean for crying out loud we went out on dates, I hung out with her more frequently and,  I kissed her so many times in public places we could've gotten caught at any moment. Good thing luck was on our side then.

Yeah then as in the past. All your going to do is hurt her even though you dont mean to.

Maybe I should just forget about her. Maybe that will sort of take the pain away.

All ive been doing all week is mopping and whining. I missed her so much but I couldn't even talk to her anymore. Thats because you love her Perrie you idiot!!! I thought.

You know maybe it is time for a new start. Just try occupying yourself. You had way more people in your life that loved you before jade anyways.


Jades p.o.v

Was this just as hard on Perrie as it is for me?

I thought silently as i walked up the steps of the school.

Probably not she doesnt care about you anymore.

The second I stepped in all eyes were on me. I shifted in place uncomfortablly feeling like a deer in headlights. I'm pretty sure everyone knew by now that I was in the hospital. Word spreads around quickly.

I saw familiar faces starting to walk towards me before I was tugged into a hug. "Jade! I've been worrying so much about you. Why havent you been answering my texts?!??" Harry asked worridly staring into my eyes. His eyebrows brought together forming a crease between them. I forced a weak smile. Because I didnt want to because your not Perrie.

I shrugged "I've been a little busy is all" He looked at me skeptically probably seeing right through my lies. But he did gave me my space not questioning it and before I knew it Jesy and Niall were at my side asking questions as if it were a quickfire.

I just gave them simple answers not really knowing how to answer and not really wanting to either. We were drawing too much attention to ourselves. People just stared at us like we were aliens from Mars. "Guys i got to go to class." I mummbled walking away leaving them confused.



"So then George was asking me out and I didnt really know how to react so I just said yeah and I got to figure out that he was probably one of the sweetest guys ever!!!"

Jesy rambled on about George Shelly her new boyfriend as I just picked at the cafeteria food with a plastic fork. not really listening to a thing she had to say,uninterested expect that I knew he wasn't going to be so sweet when he broke her heart.

A hand was waving infront of my face. "Jade are you even listening to a word I'm saying?" Annoyance filling Jesy's voice.

"Oh what? Sorry I'm just thinking is all" Wow I seemed really frequent in the lies I've been telling lately.

She rolled her eyes muttering a quiet whatever under her breath.

I wasnt completley lying to Jesy I have been thinking. Thinking about a certain pair of blue eyes. A special person's soft lips. Pale skin and blonde hair..
Let her go. She's no good for you. She hasn't even asked how you've been. She doesnt care.

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